Gary McGuey

Gary McGuey began his career with Franklin Covey in 1998. Clients describe Gary as a dynamic, energetic speaker who brings the rare mix of knowledge, humor and wisdom to each client engagement. “Learn it, Live it, Give it!” is the message Gary conveys to his audiences, through a variety of hands-on, interactive sessions. With his expertise and his keen sense of humor, he quickly creates a climate of trust.

Gary has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors in the United States and Canada. Gary’s clients represent a variety of organizations including several Fortune 500 businesses. Gary spent 6 months working as an Executive Coach at the White House during the Bush administration. Gary is passionate about helping organizations intentionally develop a principle- centered work environment that will help clients improve both their professional and personal lives. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on topics related to leadership, culture, trust, and mission/vision.

Kevin Sutton

Kevin Sutton

Managing Partner from MillerJohnson Attorneys who works exclusively with public school districts and educational entities. Kevin's legal practice is focused on all aspects of school district operation, but chiefly on the defense of contested matters, including state and federal lawsuits filed against clients, as well as claims of discrimination, investigation of allegations of employee/student harassment and conduct, recommending appropriate employer actions in response to same, and advising clients regarding their statutory obligations under Michigan’s Revised School Code, applicable special education laws, school-related statutes, and labor/employment issues.

Dr. Phil Campbell (PC) | Jostens Renaissance Ambassador

Dr. Phil Campbell, known to his students and staff as PC, is a veteran educator with a passion for loving kids and motivating educators. His goal is to assist schools in becoming the best learning environment they can possibly be for students to learn and for teachers to teach. His philosophy to accomplish this is simple: put relationships first, genuinely love and protect one another, and create a sense of family within your school setting. With educational experience as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and principal, PC understands how to overcome obstacles to win for today’s youth and educators.

Bob Kefgen

Bob Kefgen

Bob Kefgen comes to MASSP with over ten years of experience in state politics, with a particular focus on education and human services policy.

He began his career in the Michigan House of Representatives, where he worked as a legislative aide and eventually chief of staff. He spent two years as legislative liaison for the Michigan Association of School Administrators. Immediately prior to coming to MASSP, Bob worked at the Michigan Department of Human Services where he was involved with a variety of strategic planning and process re-engineering projects, with a focus on child welfare.

Bob has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University where he studied history and German.

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