Small District Principalship
[Steve Carlson, 
Principal, Sandusky Jr./Sr High School]
Steve Carlson was an MASSP Principal of the Year in 2018 and is a Past-President of the Association.  Steve is currently representing the Midwest on the National Association of Secondary School Principals Board of Directors.  This session will center on what life is like as a 6-12 or 7-12 building principal in a small rural district. While the primary focus of our time will be on the many rewards that are specific to leading a small school, there will also be a discussion of some of the challenges to be considered, especially if your experience has been in a larger district. This session will be interactive with ample time for participant Q&A.

A Day in the Life of the Middle School Principal
[Nina Davis, 
Principal, L’Anse Creuse Middle School East]
Nina Davis is currently President-Elect of the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals.  So you bravely want to explore the middle school principalship? That is the question that many will ask you if you've ever mentioned your interest in this level!  In this session, we will explore ways to effectively accomplish the task of succeeding in the "middle" and feeling fulfilled as an administrator.

Building Community to Ensure Learning & Well-Being
Dr. Lara Dixon, 
Principal, Troy High School]
Lara Dixon represents Region 12 on the MASSP Board of Directors (Oakland County).  Unprecedented times require unprecedented action. The pandemic has been a catalyst to be more thoughtful, reflective, collaborative, unified, purposeful and open. We have spent more time than ever before, talking, listening, learning and changing. In this session we will share examples of the most impactful and innovative things Troy School District and Troy Athens High School has done to better meet our student and staff member’s needs of safety, dignity, and belonging so that well-being is prioritized, and authentic learning occurs. We will also share how it is going and what we will do next to further forward equity, opportunity, and learning for all.

Supporting Students and Families of Poverty Academically and Socially
Amy Hendry, 
Principal, Carter Middle School (Warren Consolidated School District)]
Amy Hendry is currently serving on the MASSP Board of Directors as the Middle Level East Representative. This session will provide examples of Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) using data and offer creative strategies to support ALL students.  Systematically identify the needs of ALL students both academically and socially (mental health), plan intentional support, implement, and monitor growth.

Crucial Conversations
Michael Kapolka, 
Principal, Chelsea High School]
Michael Kapolka Represents Region 8 on the MASSP Board of Directors (Hillsdale, Lenawee, Monroe and Washtenaw counties). Part of an administrator's daily responsibility is engaging with students, staff and parents.  Although these conversations may be stress inducing for both parties, this session will help equip you with administrative best practices as well as how to structure and approach crucial conversations with educational stakeholders.

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships
Andy Kowalczyk, 
Assistant Principal, Bay City Central High School]
Andy Kowalczyk is currently the President of the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals. Creating a great working environment and a positive school culture always comes down to relationships.  Being a successful school administrator requires all of us to value our staff and find ways to build positive relationships. This session will focus on how relationships are built through daily conversations, intentional inclusion and staff bonding activities.

Cultivating a Positive Communication Culture
Tom Lietz, 
Principal, Utica High School]
Tom Liets represents Region 9 for the MASSP Board of Directors.  Communication is the lifeblood of a school and can make or break a principalship.  With ever-changing mediums for communication, a successful principal must meet communities where they are and help them get where they could be!  Within those opportunities with peers, students, parents and staff, come pitfalls and landmines as well.  This session will not only be about expanding opportunities, but setting boundaries and expectations to avoid backlash. 

A Day in the Life of an Assistant Principal
Steve Forsberg, 
Assistant Principal, Ludington High School]
Steve Forsberg currently sits on the MASSP Board of Directors as the Assistant Principal Representative for the West Region.  This session aims to give an overview of the unique opportunities and challenges afforded to those in the position of Assistant Principal. Topics covered will include building student & staff relationships as an AP, discipline, attendance, team building, instructional leadership, special education, and other duties as assigned. 

Considerations for Restorative Practices and Building Relationships In A Virtual Environment
[Megan O’Brien, Principal, Huron High School]
Megan O'Brien represents Region 10 for the MASSP Board of Directors. This session will focus on how administrators can still find ways to use restorative practice and restorative justice techniques in a virtual world. Focal points will be- holding meetings and circles on Google meet or Zoom, new approaches to discipline, parent involvement, proactive student reach out, and more.

Building a Champion’s Culture & Growing Leaders
Todd Simmons, 
Principal, Pewamo-Westphalia]
Todd Simmons is MASSP’s 2020 Principal of the Year and sits on the Board of Directors as the Region 6 Board of Directors.  In this session, Todd will share how the staff at Pewamo-Westphalia Jr/Sr High School has created a Champion’s Culture of excellence at their small rural school.  

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