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In middle and high schools across the state, the College Board's Readiness and Success System is helping students take ownership of their learning and achievement, while navigating a path toward college and/or career. MASSP strives to provide targeted workshops to engage administrators, counselors and teachers in learning how to use this system to maximize results for students and in the classroom. 

Whether you are just entering secondary education and need to familiarize yourself with test structure and content or you have attended workshops in the past and are ready to dig deeper, MASSP has developed a wide variety of College Board assessment workshops to meet the needs of our members. And we’ve added new opportunities for those looking to further integrate this system into academic and career guidance programs through a refined approach to EDP’s, interventions and scheduling, as well as for those who want to use the system to inform curriculum, assessment, and instruction. 

Each workshop in MASSP’s three-part series and the wrap-around options teaches participants to access, analyze and utilize data with the help of practical and actionable protocols. Participants walk away with high-quality tools and resources to further their work with students, parents, staff and stakeholders all aimed at increasing student success. 

3 Part Series


Part 1: The College Board Suite of Assessments: What's It All About?

Part 2: Our PSAT/SAT Results Are In, Now What?

Part 3: Digging Deeper: The Teacher's Guide to Honing In On Data

Wrap Arounds


#1: Students Are Not Test Scores: The Administrator & Counselor Guide to Finding Meaning in PSAT/SAT Results

#2: Khan Academy: Not Your Mama's Test Prep Class!

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