2-Year Cohort

The two-year cohort is designed for individuals who desire a slower pace. Coursework can be spread out over two years in the two-year cohort, allowing for longer breaks between courses. As a result of spreading out the coursework, the cost of the program is also spread out.

The procedure to participate in a two-year cohort is as follows:

1.    Apply for the traditional one-year cohort.

2.    Attend the virtual orientation.

3.    Complete Module One.

4.    Take any additional courses that work for your schedule with the cohort.

5.    Once the cohort completes the final module, we will schedule the modules you skipped.                 

Courses repeat every eight weeks and do not have to be taken in numerical order.  This option will allow you to design a schedule that will meet your needs.

If you are interested in a two-year cohort, please contact Tammy Jackson