Phylis Fagel

Phylis Fagel

Phyllis is the school counselor at Sheridan School in Washington, DC, a therapist who works with kids and families in private practice, and an author and journalist. She's the author of “Middle School Matters” and a frequent contributor to the Washington Post. She also writes for Psychology Today, Working Mother, U.S. News & World Report and Your Teen, and her ideas have been shared in outlets including The New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and NPR. Phyllis lives in Bethesda, MD with her husband and three children--two teens and a tween. 

Delaney Ruston

Delaney Rushton

Delaney Ruston, is the creator and director of Screenagers; Growing up the digital age and just recently, Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER which explores strategies for helping teens with anxiety, depression and stress, including her own kids. Thus far these films have brought together 4 and a half million students and adults in 80 countries to watch and discuss. Dr. Ruston, a Stanford trained physician, has been making films on mental health topics for two decades, and has received several awards.  Ruston is a sought after speaker on screen time and mental health, invited to places such as Google, Facebook and The World Health Organization.  Ruston and her work have appeared in hundreds of news outlets, such as The PBS News Hour, the New York Times and Good Morning America.

Using personal stories, including her own and the latest research, Ruston’s talk will examine how screen time can both help and hurt the emotional and social wellbeing of today’s youth.  The bulk of her talk will explore strategies that schools, adults and youth themselves can employ to address teen’s challenging emotions such as anxiety and depression. A researcher in communication science, Dr. Ruston reveals ways in which adults can more effectively engage students in discussions on mental health and screen time balance. Interweaving poignant film clips, Delaney’s talk will not only be entertaining but will provide concrete skills that students and adults can use right away.