Regardless of what school looks like in the fall, we will be faced with new educational and personal challenges on the horizon, specifically in regards to student mental health. This two-day event seeks to provide a unique opportunity for building principals, counselors, student leadership advisers and student leaders to come together to discuss and seek solutions for student mental health concerns impacting our schools. 

What Will It Look Like? 

MASSP’s virtual SMHS will provide the same impactful content, keynote speakers and dozens of new concepts and programs to take back to your school building. Although nothing can replace in-person content, a virtual program does allow all participants to view every recorded keynote presentation and breakout session as opposed to selecting from a series of concurrent presentations.

*Please note attendees will be accessing all pre-recorded content from the live event on October 5 & 6. This content is being delivered in an on-demand format.

Who Should Attend? 

A team from each school inclusive of: Principal, Counselor, Student Leadership Adviser and 3-5 student leaders. 


Access will be given to the On-Demand content from October 9th - October 20th


Anywhere you and your team feel comfortable! 

Quick Agenda

Data Trends and School Assessment Survey
Kevin Fischer: Student Mental Health trends by the numbers
Kick off the Student Mental Health Summit with the Director of the National Alliance of Mental Illness – Michigan, Kevin Fischer, as he outlines current data trends and statistics concerning the landscape of mental illness specifically to Michiganders. Our interactive school assessment survey allows school teams to gauge their own programming’s effectiveness and identify areas of need. 

Parade of Ideas!
Student and educator panel sharing the best of the best for student mental health ideas and programming
Our “Parade of Ideas!” session is a fast paced, idea sharing mega-session.  Focused on providing as many school culture, environment and easy to implement ideas as time allows, our student and educator panel will rapid-fire the best of the best for student mental health ideas and programming. 

Concurred Keynote Sessions
One silver lining for our virtual Student Mental Health Summit is the ability to record all keynote presentations for our participants to view at a later time. Divide your team to take in our powerful keynote sessions live and come back at a later time to take full advantage of each keynote address. 

  • Suicide and Depression: Eric Hipple
  • Screenagers - Technology Addiction: Delaney Ruston
  • Understanding the Teenage Brain and Its Impact on Mental Health: Dr. Hammond
  • Middle School Matters!: Phylis Fagel

Mental Health Summit Breakout Topics
Break out those school assessment surveys from Day #1 and identify which focus areas your school plans to focus on for the 2020-21 school year. This document will serve as your roadmap for selecting which breakout sessions your team plans to attend live and which ones can be viewed at a later time. 

A call for presentations will go out seeking schools with programming in place to share their best practice on the following topics:

  • Community Resources & Support Networks
  • Stress Release, Mindfulness and School/life Balance
  • Effects of Digital Media
  • Supporting Students with Chronic Health Issues
  • Supporting Students with a Mental Illness Diagnosis
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Suicide Awareness and Responsiveness
  • Trauma Informed Schools/ACES programming
  • Addiction: Indicators and Prevention

Registration & Cost

Registration is now open for the Student Mental Health Summit and will remain open until October 30th at 3:00 p.m.  Schools are allowed to register teams comprised of up to (15) educators and students. Schools are allowed to register more than 1 team if they plan on registering more than 15 total educators and students.  MASSP/MASC/MAHS will invoice schools for the total number of teams registered. This form must be completed by a staff member advising the group.  The cost for On-Demand access is $199 per school team.

Register Now