Tuesday, February 23

8:15AM - 8:30AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks - Jamey Fitzpatrick, Michigan Virtual

8:30AM - 9:00AM

Keynote Presentation - Mitch Albom, Radio Personality/Sports Journalist/Best Selling Author
Best-selling author, award-winning columnist, and philanthropist Mitch Albom will share words of encouragement with our state’s educators, and their significant role as professionals in teaching our children during these challenging times. Mitch, who wrote “Tuesdays with Morrie,” the best-selling memoir of all time, will relate the “life lessons” his college professor, who was dying from ALS, imparted upon him, the student during the “Final Class.”

9:00AM - 9:15AM


9:15AM - 10:15AM

Breakout Sessions Round #1

  • Life in the S.L.O.W. Lane - Lauren Kazee, Living SLOW LLC
    Teacher turnover rates were at an all-time high before the COVID-19 pandemic even began. With all of the additional stress and pressure put on educators during this period, many fear these turnover rates have or will continue to worsen. In this session, we discuss some simple self-care strategies to help educators offset the impact of “2020.” You will have an opportunity to identify and try practices that are a good fit for you. This workshop will be engaging, interactive and include a variety of practical ways for implementing your own well-being and self-care, even amidst chaos.
  • Taking Student-Centered Learning Online - Emily Sicilia & Anne Perez, Michigan Virtual
    Teaching looks different these days, and trying to plan a lesson is no longer as simple as using what worked last year. It may seem near-impossible to offer students voice and choice over their learning when you’re not even sure where learning might be taking place. Student-centered practices can help engage your students whether they are face-to-face or remote. During this session, you’ll not only learn but also experience practical student-centered strategies.
  • Practical Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Teaching Online - Jill Souza & Tara Bladow, Michigan Virtual
    The teaching and learning landscape has drastically changed in the past year, as have the demands on teachers to learn and adapt quickly to online instruction. We’re here to help! In this session, we will share tips, tools, and techniques that you can use for planning and teaching your online or hybrid classes. You’ll walk away from this session with ideas and access to resources you can start using today!
  • The Art of Educational Leadership - Mark Thomas, Northview HS
    Educators are being called upon during the COVID-19 Pandemic, like never before, to provide leadership to their students, staff and stakeholders. This crisis challenges school leaders to "be at our best" every day in so many different ways while navigating a journey that offers no GPS or roadmap for how to arrive at our destination. Leadership can often be lonely; coupled with "social distancing" guidelines and the sense of urgency required of school administrators right now, the feelings of isolation can expand exponentially.  To support secondary administrators in navigating these uncertain times, Dr. Greg Dale, Professor of Psychology and Director of Athletic Leadership Programs at Duke University, and Mark Thomas, Principal at Northview High School will facilitate a session designed to offer connection, coaching, communication and support for secondary administrators by leaders who understand because they "walk the same walk and do battle in the same arena."  

10:15AM - 10:30AM


10:30AM - 11:30AM

Breakout Sessions Round #2

  • Student Mental Health Matters - Lauren Kazee, Living SLOW LLC
    With the isolation, chaos, threat of illness, and the weakened academic, social, and human services supports brought on by the COVID pandemic, children and youth across the country are at increased risk of harm - harm not only to their academic progress, but to their social and emotional health. This workshop will examine how Michigan is working to bolster the social and emotional health of Michigan’s children, adolescents, and families in response to the pandemic – with a structure designed to continue these interventions long past the pandemic.
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships in an Online Space - Emily Sicilia & Anne Perez, Michigan Virtual
    Developing relationships empowers and engages learners, but building and maintaining those relationships can be difficult in an online space. This session will focus on elements of teacher-student relationships and offer tips to help foster and maintain those relationships online.
  • Using a Design Mind for Doing Learning Online - Jeff Gerlach, Michigan Virtual
    Teachers wear many hats. You might be the lesson planner, the learning facilitator, the feedback provider, the school-to-home intermediary, the colleague, along with many other responsibilities. In our current world, you are also likely designing online experiences for students to rise to the challenge of supporting students beyond the physical classroom. This session will focus on mindsets that can help guide decisions as you design online learning experiences.
  • The Path to Leadership - Tammy Jackson, MASSP
    Do you have what it takes to be a school leader?  During difficult times, the difference between challenges and opportunities is often the leadership strength. There has never been a greater need for high-quality school leaders.  In this session, participants will learn the attributes of a school leader.  We will discuss certification requirements and the path to earning certification.

11:35AM - 12:00PM

Closing Remarks & Parade of Student Ideas - Wendy Zdeb & Matt Alley, MASSP
MASSP's Executive Director Wendy Zdeb and Associate Director of Student Services Matt Alley will facilitate a parade of thoughts from student leaders around the State of Michigan.  Students will articulate what they have missed about in person instruction and what they have valued about remote learning during the pandemic.  Elevating student voice as we plan for next steps in education is critical.