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The support your new hires & non-traditional teachers need!

Wouldn’t it be great if every new hire in your district or building had the same support during their first few years of teaching?  In many cases mentoring and new teacher induction programs are inconsistent and don’t allow for a uniform and systemic approach to supplementing the learning new staff members need.  Districts are required to provide all new teachers with 15 days of professional development during their first three years of employment. MASSP’s Teacher+ modules will allow you to provide ALL new hires with high quality, research based, consistent professional development modules that can be delivered in a way that best meets the needs of your district anytime, anywhere, and at any pace.

The teacher shortage and a re-investment in career and technical education have brought industry experts to our classrooms with technical expertise but often lacking the knowledge of teaching and learning pedagogy commonly acquired in teacher prep programs. Many principals who have hired non-traditionally certified staff are looking for ways to support these teachers who are often in stand-alone courses and unique subject areas. There may also be situations when a traditionally certified teacher may have a gap in their preparation and more direct support is needed. To meet these needs, MASSP has developed the Teacher+ modules which are designed to provide educational practitioners with the core knowledge, skills, tools, and dispositions necessary to create and enhance teaching and learning in all grade levels and contents.

The Teacher+ content consists of six carefully crafted online modules that can be accessed by PK-12 teachers statewide via Michigan Virtual.  Each of the modules consists of readings, self-reflection, planning, implementation, and goal setting. The modules build upon the educators’ core knowledge in key areas, including classroom environment and culture, student engagement, lesson design, assessment, culturally responsive teaching, and professional collaboration and evidence-based decision making.

What types of modules are available?


  • A district/school may purchase the facilitated Teacher+ modules for all new hires who will receive valuable, timely and personalized feedback
  • A district/school may also choose to divide up the six modules and require two per year during the first three years to exceed the MDE requirement for new teacher professional development.  Each of the six Teacher+ modules were designed to take four weeks to complete and have been approved for 20 SCECHs upon successful completion
  • Specific Teacher+ modules may also be excellent support for non-traditional teachers (e.g. CTE teachers from business and industry) and teachers on IDPs who need targeted support to grow their practice
  • Learners who successfully complete the competency-based, facilitated courses will also earn digital badges for each module

On-Demand/Learner Self-Paced: 

  • For additional flexibility the six Teacher+ modules: Classroom Environment & Culture, Student Engagement, Purposeful Teaching & Learning and Assessment for Student Learning are also available in a completely asynchronous format and allows teachers to work through the modules at their own pace without facilitation or feedback from MASSP
  • MASSP Staff will monitor the modules and provide feedback and the district/principal can receive reports quarterly as to how much progress each teacher has made through the modules
  • Modules contain activities and assignments that may be supported by a mentor teacher
  • MASSP may be contracted to create and/or add custom Teacher+ modules for district/buildings that want to bring new hires up to speed on local initiatives (e.g. Restorative Practices, Competency Based Education, Social Emotional Learning)  

Engaging in continuous learning is paramount when supporting the growth of others and oneself. If you are seeking an authentic and practical learning opportunity, you do not want to miss the chance to engage in the new, Teacher+, on-line learning modules created by team MASSP.  The modules are relevant, flexible, facilitated, and designed with the practitioner in mind. Teacher+ is highly customizable and MASSP will work directly with districts to develop a plan for new teacher induction, support of non-traditionally certified staff and teachers on IDPs in need of improvement.  Please contact MASSP Associate Director, Steve Seward, to discuss the options:

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