Our PSAT/SAT Results Are In, Now What?

Part 2

Think of it as the College Board Portal 101. In this workshop, participants learn how to find the reports, what reports give you the most actionable data, some initial protocols for breaking down test results and easy-to-use activities that can be repeated with staff during professional development. Additional resources are also provided for sharing results with students and parents. (NOTE: For long-time members this is MASSP’s original “Data Protocol Workshop.”) 

Who should attend?

Middle and High School Administrators, ELA/Math Teacher Leaders and Curriculum Directors

The workshop includes:

  • Guided exploration of the College Board’s Reporting Portal. 
  • Discussion about how to compare/ contrast local scores with the college readiness benchmarks and make score comparisons to “like schools.” 
  • Instruction on identifying students in need of intervention and/or advanced coursework. 
  • Directions for analyzing curricular and instructional strengths and gaps, as well as student misconceptions. 
  • A data protocol for identifying items of strength and weakness, in order to analyze student learning needs, address discrepancies within curriculum and instruction, and establish objectives for school improvement. 
  • An overview of support materials and resources for staff, students and parents. 

Attendees have said...

"Our staff has looked at our PSAT/SAT data in the past, but there wasn’t a process and we didn’t involve all staff members. I’m looking forward to getting our whole staff into the portal on our next PD day and following the protocol from the workshop. We will be much more productive!"