Students Are Not Test Scores!

The Administrator & Counselor Guide to Finding Meaning in PSAT/SAT Results

On December 24, 2018, new EDP, Talent Portfolio and Career Exploration laws took effect across the state. This workshop will support administrators and counselors in making the new EDP and Talent Portfolio requirements work for students 8-12, while maximizing results from the PSAT and SAT. Participants will learn the specifics about these pieces of legislation and how College Board’s Readiness and Success System can be used to address curriculum and instruction, develop academic and career goals as part of a student’s EDP, identify students for intervention and/or honors/AP/IB courses, as well as learn about tools and strategies for working with students and their parents when providing academic and career guidance. This workshop will highlight elements of tools like Career Cruising, XELLO and Kuder Navigator, as well as free resources available through the College Board (MI Big Future and Roadtrip Nation) that can assist schools in meeting the new requirements. 

Who should attend?

Middle/High School Counselors, Career Advisers and Middle/High School Administrators 

The workshop includes:

  • An overview of statutory requirements for EDP’s, talent portfolios, career exploration and internships. 
  • Guided reflection on current practice and needed changes specific to: career exploration; development and updating of EDPs; course offerings and selection; as well as intervention and advanced coursework. 
  • Exploration of practical tools, protocols and resources to help assist students and parents in understanding PSAT/SAT data, setting goals and engaging in personalized practice to improve results. 
  • A review of a sample Academic and Career Guidance Checklist for each month of the school year and the creation of a communication plan to share information with stakeholders.