5D Training Dates & Locations

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Assistant Principals Summit
The Assistant Principals Summit is a two-day event for assistant leaders - including APs, Deans and Associate…
Data Protocol 2.0
During this workshop participants learn the “101 of the College Board Portal:” how to find the reports, what reports…
Teacher's Mentoring Through Coaching Institute
We have all had that special person in our life who helped to guide and shape us into our best self. They were there to…
Targeted Feedback
The two-day Targeted Feedback Institute supports educational leaders in learning the skills for giving feedback and…
EDPs, Internships & Career Awareness Conference
On December 24, 2018, a number of new laws took effect around raising career awareness for Michigan Students:…
Aspiring Principals Workshop
Considering building administration? Know someone who is? Join MASSP for a full day of resume help, interviewing…
PSAT 8/9 - Digging In
This spring the PSAT 8/9 will replace the ELA and Math portions of the M-STEP assessment in 8th grade. (Students will…
Administrator's Mentoring Through Coaching Institute
Reflection. Intentionality. Reciprocal Learning. Impact. We have all had that special person in our life who helped…
EdCon 2019
Traverse City
June 24-26, 2019 | Grand Traverse Resort Please use the Resources menu to the right for links to more information…