5D Training Dates & Locations

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Are You Sure They're Telling the Truth?
This popular one-day conference occurs every year in Lansing and is attended by Principals and Assitant Principals…
Webinar: Khan Academy for SAT Prep (Sep 25)
Khan Academy isn’t just for math anymore! The College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to provide free Official…
Adaptive Schools Seminar
Looking for a research-based approach to professional collaboration that will impact student achievement?  This…
Continuous Improvement Series - Cohort 1
With the development of the new Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Cycle (MICIP), it is imperative that…
Structures and Strategies for Presenting & Facilitating
This workshop provides an introduction to skills, concepts, protocols and capabilities necessary to promote and sustain…
DP3: Digging Deeper - The Teacher's Guide to Honing in on Data
Lake Orion
Participants previously identified students’ strengths and weaknesses...now what?! Continuing to cover too much content…
Holding Staff Accountable, Not Hostage
Learn why it’s important for leaders to establish clear expectations for all staff in order to create a culture that is…
Foundations of Restorative Practices
Sault Ste. Marie
This workshop provides an overview of Michigan’s statutory requirement for use of Restorative Practices to build…
Student Mental Health Summit
, MI
***Registration is now CLOSED!*** To be added to a waiting list, click here. This event seeks to provide a unique…