MASSP Webinars

Are you ready to collaborate with administrators from across the state as we hone our observation and feedback skills? During a clinical session, a group of administrators and/or teacher leaders observe lessons, collect evidence, code evidence to an instructional framework/rubric, develop a set of noticings and wonderings around the teacher’s area of focus, engage in a post-observation conversation, and analyze the evidence to draft formative feedback. If you are ready to bring your observation and feedback skills to the next level, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss!


PreK-12 Building Administration, Central Office Administration, & Instructional Coaches who use the 5D/5D+ Observation and Evaluation Tool

Agenda (2 hours)

  • Welcome & Connect (self-assessment, documenting hopes and questions)
  • Reconnecting (WHT, WHY, HOW: review Inquiry Cycle, of Scripting, Coding, Noticing, Wondering and feedback)
  • Skill Build (begin by analyzing a script and codes and name the why behind the indicators; Video Analysis, Practice, Calibration)
  • The Conversation (feedback dialogue)
  • Reflecting & Goal Setting


Anywhere you or your team are comfortable!

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Price: $50.00