Day 3: Purpose

Participants continue to develop critical stances for leadership, examine bias’, and explore the role of a teacher in designing and aligning components of a lesson to state standards, broader purpose and transferable skills based on student learning needs (academic background, life experiences, culture and language). In the afternoon, participants engage in a case study to create and analyze a script with detail and evidence connected to purposeful instruction, identify evidence connected to a teachers area of focus, and use this evidence to provide strength-based feedback.

Learning Targets

  • Continue to develop critical stances for instructional leadership: Equity stance, strength based stance and inquiry stance.
  • Examine our biases and their impact on leadership work.
  • Develop a vision for rubric indicators connected with planning and facilitating purposeful instruction that are based on standards, and include daily learning targets, performance tasks and success criteria. 
  • Strengthen understanding of the inquiry cycle, the role of an area of focus and an understanding of the role of the instructional leader in the growth of teaching practice, leveraging evaluation to grow teaching practice.
  • Further develop skill sets for collecting, analyzing and utilizing evidence: scripting, coding, noticing and wondering, sorting and giving feedback to teachers.

Other Cohort 1 Days:

  • Sept. 17 - Assessment for Student Learning (Day #4)
  • Oct. 12 - Curriculum and Pedagogy (Day #5)
  • Oct. 13 - Summative Scoring (Day #6)

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