With the development of the new Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Cycle (MICIP), it is imperative that individuals involved in the administration and implementation of continuous improvement initiatives understand the implications of the changes at the state level.  An increased focus on the comprehensive needs assessment and an effective plan which addresses the root cause of challenge areas in order to effectively and systemically manage resources is paramount.  In addition, a new focus on systems thinking will require the coherent and efficient integration of all funding sources to address identified challenge areas and resource allocation.  This requires an understanding of continuous improvement, but also the requirements around state and federal funds.  This professional learning would be developed in concert with MDE staff and they will be invited to co-facilitate sessions, when possible.  

Given that this information is new, there is the need to build the understanding of every district throughout the state in these concepts.  Targeting attendance in district or building teams will increase the capacity within each district to work together and apply the new learning to their individual district/building.  This workshop will build a strong foundation for all participants to fully understand the Michigan Cycle of Assess Needs, Plan, and Funding and how it relates to the continuous improvement process of Assess Needs-Plan-Implement-Monitor-Evaluate.

*Please note this is a 4-day workshop.

Target Audience:

Teacher Leaders, Building Administrators & Central Office Administrators


Day 1 - Sep 30

  • Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Cycle (MICIP)
  • Michigan Continuous Improvement Process
  • Systems and Systems Thinking
  • Whole Child
  • First and Second Order Change

Day 2 - Nov 15

  • Assess Needs 
  • Plan to Assess Needs
  • Assess Needs Process Guide
  • Build a Team
  • Collecting and Organizing Data
    • Four Data Types
  • Interpret Data
    • Analyze Data

Day 3 - Jan 9

  • Assess Needs Requirements/Process Guide (cont.)
  • Prioritize and narrow focus
  • Understanding root cause
  • Using root cause to inform focus area
  • Sources of other data types

Day 4 - Feb 3

  • Implementation Drivers
  • Environment Scanning
  • Goals, Targets, Strategies
  • Strategy Implementation Guides
  • Monitoring Mechanisms
  • Evaluating 
  • Allowable Resources
  • Program Evaluation


Participants will receive up to 24 SCECHs (6/day) after the last day (Feb. 3rd) 

Facilitator Information:

Lisa Asaro and Dodie Raycraft
Footprint Forward LLC


1001 Centennial Way
Lansing, MI 48917

MASSP Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made seven (7) calendar days or more in advance of the training date, will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made after this date, including no-shows, are nonrefundable. Registration fees may be transferred to another individual by contacting the MASSP office at (517) 327-5315.

In the event that MASSP must cancel a training due to unforeseen circumstances, including inclement weather, participants will be refunded the cost of registration or may credit the fee toward an upcoming training. MASSP does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges or expenses; to include, charges made for travel and lodging.



Price: $500.00