Just as we start to feel like we got this, we find ourselves responding to new issues, additional guidance, and another executive order. We often begin each day where we did the day before with more questions than answers...2 steps forward and 1 step back.  To provide a forum for secondary school leaders to connect, collaborate, and share during these challenging times, we will host Round 2 of Leader2Leader on Thursday, March 26 at 1 pm.

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We recognize that educational institutions are straining to address the challenges of this national emergency. We also know that educators and parents are striving to provide a sense of normality while seeking ways to ensure that all students have access to meaningful educational opportunities even under these difficult circumstances.  During Round 2 of our Leader2Leader webinar series, attorneys from Lusk Albertson will address issues and frequently asked questions related to distance / e-learning, FAPE, and accessibility.

Participants will then shift into one of four concurrent break-out sessions developed in response to our member survey.  During the breakout session, MASSP staff will share some practical ideas, tools and strategies specific to their topic, and provide an opportunity for participants to raise questions, and share their ideas with a network of colleagues.

Below are the breakout sessions for this webinar.  Click here to register for round 2 of Leader2Leader and select the breakout session that most interests you:

  • Leading Collaborative Meetings in a Virtual World with Steve Seward
    Let's explore various ways we can intentionally connect with one another during these times of "shelter in place" while at the same time ensuring our time together is focused and collaborative.  *Possible topics:  Sustaining credibility and clarity with so many unknowns, staying connected to staff students and parents, virtual meetings, hints and tricks.
  • End of Year Activities with Matt Alley
    Given the extended school closure and Governor Whitmer’s most recent Executive Order 2020-21 to “stay-at-home” order, through April 13, many end-of-year activities are in jeopardy. Prom, Awards programs, Senior send-off, School Trips, Commencement… the list goes on and on. It’s time to start developing creative, accessible solutions to recognize and honor our student body and staff. This breakout will focus on practical solutions and resources to help you think about options and guide your decision making. 
  • Tech Tools for Staying Connected with Ryan Cayce
    When it comes to information overload, does it ever feel like you are trying to drink water from a firehose?  Your staff, students and parents are probably feeling the same way.  So what are some simple and proven tools that can help you connect with these important stakeholders so you can check-in, connect, and offer support without adding to their email inbox?  In this session, participants will review and share strategies around tech tools including Zoom, Google Hangouts/Meet, Google Forms, Flipgrid & more, so that shelter in place, doesn’t become social isolation!
  • Continuity of Learning: A Continuum of Practice & Considerations with Colin Ripmaster
    Do you feel like your hands are tied?  Are you paralyzed by fear of compliance? In these uncertain times we cannot allow “perfect” to be the enemy of “good.”  This session will explore a continuum of practices (completely closed, homework packets, continuous learning opportunities, e-learning/distance learning, and completely open), FAPE considerations, and questions to ponder for each in support of local efforts to make learning accessible, reasonable, and appropriate for students based on current circumstances.

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During the webinar, we ask everyone to activate the camera on their computer/tablet/phone to create a sense of community.  In the spirit of spring and to lighten the mood during Round 2, we invite everyone to sport their spring break gear...summery outfits, shades, and fun hats can help us think about better times ahead.

For those who missed our first round of Leader2Leader on March 19, we provided an overview of the lastest MDE and legislative updates, a special focus on the Extended School Closure from a state perspective, and addressed commonly asked questions – both those for which we have answers and those where we are awaiting further guidance. In addition, we provided facilitated breakout sessions regarding e-learning, no-tech/low-tech learning opportunities, graduation contingency plans, and mental health.