The school schedule is a powerful tool for extending and deepening the instructional program and improving student learning. While many schools would like to redesign their use of time, there are concerns that often get in the way. Does a change in the master schedule require additional budget? If we are creating time for teachers to collaborate during the school day, how do we adequately supervise students? How do we work around busing schedules, part-time specials/arts teachers, or sacred cows that have previously required time?

All of these are significant issues, but they are also manageable when schools adopt a new paradigm around how to use time, talent, and resources. The primary consideration when revamping your school schedule is your set of priorities. Your school priorities should drive the redesign of your schedule. Given the needs of your staff, your resources, your current student performance, and the goals you want to achieve, what are the most critical elements to build into your school schedule? Most high-performing schools, regardless of their resource level, create a school schedule with specific goals in mind and develop the policies, beliefs, practices, and commitments that allow them to be successful and significantly improve student learning outcomes.

Join us for this one-day workshop created and facilitated by Dr. Bobby Moore, President & CEO of EPIC Impact Education Group.

Participants will learn more about...

  • Examining assumptions
  • Leveraging time
  • Leveraging talent
  • Leveraging resources
  • Implementation steps

Bring together a group of your school's leaders and let's begin talking about what you would like to make possible with a new schedule. These kinds of conversations are the lifeblood of your school. By convening and leading these conversations you are exercising leadership at the highest level. These actions will help to make life in your school more engaging and more productive for everyone. So let's get started!

Target Audience:

Building Administrators, Curriculum Directors, and Cental Office




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