Mavin "Solution"

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in Gov. Whitmer (EO 2020-35) suspending in-person instruction for the remainder of 2019-20 school year. In response, districts are assessing, researching, and developing Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plans. The goal of a Continuity of Learning Plan (CLP) is to provide each student with alternative modes of instruction to help them stay on pace in their learning. In doing so, districts need to be mindful that they do not exacerbate the gaps between low and high-income students, and students with and without internet access.

In support of this work, MASSP has collaborated with MASA, MACAC, MSCA, MDE, Talent 2025, multiple local and intermediate school districts, and Mavin Global to integrate a FREE mobile “Solution into district plans that provides a: 

  • Safe way to meet the state requirements for both remote learning within their CLP and EDP’s.
  • Secure way for teachers and counselors to stay connected and engaged in SEL.
  • Simple way to demonstrate attendance, engagement and impact on student achievement and growth.
  • Sustainable way to help students build career awareness, skills, and competencies.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Create a Mavin District Entity account
  • Add students
  • Explore content (reading, videos, check for understanding, reflections and feedback)
  • View dashboard to progress monitor student engagement
  • Hear first-hand accounts of how building principals and counselors are using Mavin “Solution within their Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plans
  • Gain Acccess to the Stage 2 Toolbox that contains instructions to distribute via email, and regular mail to onboard your school and students/families. 

Target Audience:

  • Building Administrators
  • Counselors

Webinar Details:

  • This is the first in a three-part series. 
    • Stage 1: Awareness and Plan
    • Stage 2: Implementation and Monitoring (Solution will meet IEP and 504 monitoring requirements)
    • Stage 3: Content Development (Optional Advancement and Personalization)
  • Each live webinar is approximately 60 minutes and includes guided practice in using the tool, and a Q&A session.
  • Each school is encouraged to participate, as an administrative and counseling team.
  • Registered participants who attend the webinar will be emailed a link for accessing the Toolbox for that Stage.


Participants will earn 3 SCECHs for attending the Stage 2 training and up to 7 SCECHs for completing all 3.

Why Mavin “Solution”?

Mavin “Solution” was developed in partnership and collaboration between Michigan superintendents, principals, counselors, and teachers throughout our state, as well as nonprofits, chambers, workforce agencies and business leaders to meet the requirements of Career Awareness and Exploration, EDP’s, and Talent profile that are specific to MI’s Career Development Standards, in an equitable, easy, safe, secure and free way. Mavin “Solution” is now being leveraged as an equitable solution for districts within their Continuity of Learning Plans. Over 200 employers throughout the midwest are engaged in this project representing all 16 industries and Michigan Career Pathways. This is a public, private, non-profit partnership that exemplifies the innovation touted by our Governor and President for not only surviving, but thriving in this crisis.

Available Dates:

April 17, 2020 9:30 AM - April 17, 2020 10:30 AM 
Price: FREE

April 17, 2020 12:00 PM - April 17, 2020 1:00 PM 
Price: FREE

Other dates and times for all of the Mavin “Solution” webinars are available at