Calibration tune up

Calibration Tune-ups provide opportunities for principals and district staff to observe instruction, rate evidence, and engage in calibration of ratings to deepen content clarity and increase internal reliability in scoring evidence using the 5D+ Rubric. Through discussion with their colleagues, evaluators become increasingly aligned in their calibration to the rubric.

Who Should Attend?

Observers and evaluators of teachers with the 5D+ Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation Rubric


  • Observation vs Evaluation vs Calibration
  • Grounding in Performance Language and Progressions of 5D+ Rubric 
  • Video Observation #1: Collect and Code Evidence
  • Calibrate Scores to Clarify Criteria and Establish Consistency
  • Video Observation #2: Collect and Code Evidence
  • Analyze Evidence and Write Targeted Feedback


Virtual - Anywhere you or your team are comfortable!




Fulfills Rater Reliability Training Requirements of MCL 380.1249(5)
Price: $200.00