Catalyst 23

MASSP Catalyst23 was the starting point for a year-long conversation about how AI, tech and other disruptions require us to rethink our mission and vision as educational leaders. This series will offer an opportunity to dive deeper into some of the topics covered at Catalyst specifically around the impact of AI on learning, school policy and process and your day-to-day work! 

The series will be five parts and will focus on how AI will change learning and education in the next five years and actions that can be taken now to make sure that transition is successful and student learning outcomes increase. Attendees can expect to learn about the latest trends in AI and how they can be applied to education. They will also learn about the benefits of using AI in the classroom and how it can help students learn more effectively. Attendees will also explore legal and ethical challenges that will surface in this new AI-driven landscape.  

The series is designed for secondary school leaders, teachers and administrators who want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in AI and education.

Part 6: Bring AI To Your School

(Sam Morris, Manager,

In the rapidly evolving world of education, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a pivotal element in shaping the future of learning. This session, tailored for Principals and school leaders, aims to move beyond the conversation of processes and policies to the core of our work: educating students about the intricacies and potentials of AI. We will engage in an explorative discussion on the significance of AI education, delving into its functionality and the challenges it presents. Participants will leave with practical strategies for integrating AI into their curriculums, highlighted by innovative resources from The session will also emphasize opportunities for professional development, equipping educators to effectively teach AI concepts and enabling us to foster a future where students are not just users of AI but informed shapers of this transformative technology.

Who Should Attend?

Principals, Technology Coordinators, Lead Teachers, and Central Office Staff


Free for Catalyst23 Attendees and MASSP Members


Virtual - Anywhere you or your team are comfortable


Participants may earn up to one (1) SCECH upon approval from MDE

*Catalyst23 conference attendees have been automatically registered for the entire webinar series!

Free for Members & Catalyst23 Attendees!
Price: $15.00