Michigan’s K-12 budget contains language which allows students to sit for 2021 fall SAT/PSAT testing at the state’s expense regardless of whether the student previously took the PSAT 9/10 or SAT during the Spring of 2021. This is similar to the fall testing program from this past school year in that every school district will be required to offer the opportunity for students to retake or sit for an SAT or PSAT exam for the first time this coming fall. However, this year the program will provide state-funded testing for both students who did not take a PSAT or SAT and for students who took the tests in the spring and want to retest.

At a minimum, Principals should be aware that your district will need a plan for administering fall testing to those students who want to take advantage of the opportunity.

This also creates an opportunity for districts that are interested in pursuing state-funded building- or district-wide fall testing for high school students. MDE is still working with the College Board to hammer out the details, but our understanding is that information will be made available to schools in early August. We are told that the test ordering will closely mirror the process used for fall 2020 testing, but that – unlike last year – districts will have to pay the invoice and submit it to MDE for reimbursement.

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