We are in the middle of an intense moment for our state, country and our world.

Educational institutions are struggling to address the challenges of the national emergency caused by COVID-19. We're all adapting to a new normal, while implementing new ways to facilitate, monitor and assess learning. To support building administrators in advancing learning through educational leadership, MASSP hosts weekly Leader2Leader sessions. Leader to Leader is a facilitated professional learning network for school leaders to connect, collaborate, and share during the suspension of face-to-face instruction caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The weekly Zoom Leader2Leader meetings take place from 1-2 pm each Thursday during the suspension of face-to-face instruction.  Participants register for each webinar individually may be approved for SCECH's based on their participation in the webinar.  Zoom tracks the duration of each individual's presence in webinar down to the minute.

Who Should Attend?

Building leaders, Central Office & Other Educators




Anywhere you are comfortable!


Consider registering for the upcoming Leader2Leader webinars listed below:

  • July 30: Round 18 - GELN Model Plans for Reopening School Safely
    Join MASSP and MAISA-GELN on a structured review of the 10 steps to developing Safe Schools Preparedness Plan, including how to utilize the MAISA COL Enhanced Guidance Document, MASSP Roadmap Tracking Tool, and MV resources to not only create, but implement and progress monitor local MI Safe Schools Preparedness Plans.

Looking for previous Leader2Leader session recordings or slide decks?

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