Legal Survival Guide

Let MASSP & the Attorneys at Miller Johnson Help You!

With the pandemic and all the complications that go with it a principal's job has never been more difficult. The last thing a busy principal has time to do is review their student code of conduct and update it for the 2021-22 school year, create new communications and forms and then work through it with school legal counsel- this is a time (and cost) intensive process! Fortunately MASSP and attorneys Kevin Sutton and Anya Lusk from Miller Johnson have done all this leg work for you.

This webinar and Legal Survival Guide document is included in MASSP’s Executive Membership and is available for just $200 for everyone else. To accommodate the schedule of busy administrators we have divided this up into (2) two-hour live webinar sessions.  This event will begin on Wednesday, May 5 and continue on Thursday, May 6, starting at 9:00 a.m. and concluding by 11:00 a.m. each day.  

The Legal Survival Guide is an all inclusive document that not only provides updated legally sound Student Code of Conduct policies but it also includes a list of Model Annual Notifications such as FERPA, Armed Forces Directory Information, Asbestos, Pesticides, Drug-Free Environment/Protect and several more! There is an entire section dedicated to Model Student Focused Policies and Administrative Regulations around Education Records, Student Surveys, Student Activities etc. This document will save you hours of time and will help to ensure your school/district policies are on the right side of any legal challenge. 

Because this document contains so many resources and addresses complicated legal issues school administrators face every day, Attorneys Kevin Sutton and Anya Lusk from Miller Johnson will facilitate a webinar to review changes in policy and updates to the document from last year. Additionally, Kevin and Anya will take questions and feedback from participants about topics/items that may be added to the Legal Survival Guide in the future.

This is a MUST attend opportunity for the building administrator (Assistant or Principal) that is in charge of reviewing and updating handbooks, forms and procedures annually. Don’t leave these issues to chance; this four hour investment of time is definitely worth your while.


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Price: $200.00