Much like the Michigan Merit Curriculum law that many educators are familiar with, the educator evaluation law effectively provides a floor and guardrails that schools need to stay within. LEAs, ISDs and PSAs may bargain to go above the statutory requirements, but they may not go below.  Additionally there is language on each district's publicly accessible website that articulates assurances related to both adoption and implementation of the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation System in order to maintain the validity, reliability and efficacy of the system. 

During the webinar, we will review implications of statutory changes on the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation System, highlight what you may and may not modify based on state statute, copyright law and posting and assurances, and provide both a 5D+ specific bargaining checklist and 5D+ Administrative Guidelines / Teacher Evaluation Handbook that couples both state statutory requirements and language from the posting and assurance website into a single document, as well as highlights elements of the system that need to be determined locally.

Who Should Attend?

One or more administrator from each school district that has Adopted and Implemented the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation System are recommended to attend


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