We want to ensure we are addressing member's concerns, but these are big issues with multiple moving pieces. To help us target our work and to inform the negotiations and compromises we will inevitably need to make, MASSP is hosting a series of six regional listening sessions to give members a chance to weigh in on what elements within each of these priorities are most pressing or important. We have scheduled these listening sessions based on MASSP Regions (1-12). We want to hear from you, our MASSP members,

MASSP identified a total of six policy priorities for MASSP to focus on in 2021-22. Three priorities are immediate pandemic-related and the remaining three priorities are longer-term.

For immediate pandemic-related priorities:

  1. Educator evaluation waivers for both the student growth and non-student growth statutory requirements,
  2. State assessment waivers, and
  3. Additional funding for mental health supports.

For longer-term policy priorities:

  1. School funding, both an increase in funding and a shift toward more needs-based funding;
  2. Student and staff mental health supports; and
  3. Educator evaluation reforms to negate the impact of student growth and state assessment data and to make the process less burdensome and more improvement-focused.

Region Map

Please note that this meeting is intended for only MASSP members in Regions 1, 2 & 4.  Members may only attend meetings specific to their region.

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Not in Regions 1, 2 & 4? Try one of these other meeting dates...

Regions 5 & 9: Jan 21 @ 1PM
Regions 6 & 8: Jan 25 @ 1PM
Regions 3 & 7: Jan 28 @ 1PM
Regions 10 & 11: Feb 8 @ 1PM
Region 12: Feb 11@ 1PM



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