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Are you looking for ways to foster collaborative dialogue during the final teacher evaluation process versus an environment of contention, anxiety, rating and judgement? If so, join MASSP's Colin Ripmaster and Steve Seward to explore what you might do to make this a reality. 

Having the title of “administrator” is an honor that can be perceived as a partnership alongside teachers or a position of perceived hierarchy and judgement. When we ask for, and value various perspectives, all stakeholders grow in their thinking, practice, and efficacy. When we evaluate and judge, thinking and action is often compliance driven and disrupts growth and self-directedness. Calibration and collaboration are essential when one wishes to develop shared ownership, shared understanding, and intrinsic motivation.

In this webinar, we will explore a way to move evaluation into a collaborative process with a goal of shared ownership while cultivating an environment of self directed learning. Participants examine a strength based approach to end-of-year reviews and ways to strategically support the thinking of others through authentic conversations about professional practice and its impact on student learning from the lens of a partner vs evaluator.

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Assist Principals, Principals or anyone who performs observations and evaluations


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