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At MASSP we partner with companies who provide goods and services to schools and school leaders that add value, solve problems and increase efficiency. Once a month, MASSP is offering our Partners in Education an opportunity to deliver a free 30 minute Thought Partner Webinar that may provide you (our members) with information on topics and goods/services that are of interest to YOU! Please note, these webinars will be open to any employees you feel would benefit in learning about the goods or services being discussed.

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ACAP solutions

Topic: Challenges to Implementing Safety Initiatives in Secondary Schools 

This session will consider three common safety initiatives in the context of secondary school buildings; Developing Building Level EOPs, Emergency Response Training and Practice, and Threat Assessment Implementation.  

The ACAP-Solutions Team will: 

  • Share common mistakes made when implementing these safety strategies. 
  • Share common challenges to implementing these strategies. 
  • Effective strategies to overcome these mistakes/challenges.  


  • Anthony Beattie – CEO, Protection Coordinator 
  • Jackie Noto – Director of Research and Training 
  • Dr. Karen Barnes – Threat Assessment Consultant 
  • Meg Cuttino – Emergency Planning Director 
  • Leslie Hainrihar Chretien – Superintendent of Strategy 


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