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What is the Mavin "Project?"

The Mavin Project is a Public-Private Partnership (P3) committed to ensuring continuity of learning and equity in education through a whole child, whole school and whole community approach to educational services.  


Our Goals:

  • Deliver continuity of learning and equity in education through a whole child, whole school, whole community approach to educational services accessed for free on a mobile phone, tablet or computer in the classroom, at home, or at work.  
  • Provide all children and adults with a safe, secure, simple, scalable, and sustainable (FREE) system that can deliver high-quality learning experiences aligned to state standards and employability skills.
  • Enable a system of asset-based credentialing that takes student achievement beyond GPA and test scores, builds learner confidence, and supports our local and state economies.
  • Modernize Michigan's education system, so that disruption will no longer interrupt the delivery of academic and non-academic services that have a devastating impact on the cognitive, physical and mental health of children, adults, and the economy.   

What is Mavin?

A FREE digital user interface and navigator that delivers integrated educational services through a safe, secure and simple system ( that can be accessed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer with 2G, satellite, powerline internet, or broadband. Built by Michigan's master educators, industry experts, and distinguished researchers and practitioners, the Mavin Project provides adaptive and integrated educational services, including whole child intervention and support, career and college awareness and preparedness, and academic services in the classroom, at home, and in the workplace.  Mavin is the “front door” to daily access and engagement in all domains of high-quality, personalized learning.


Why Mavin?


Public-Private Partnership
The Mavin Project is the outgrowth of a public-private partnership to improve the human condition by improving access, support and fulfillment of education, business and government services anytime, any place and at any pace.  Project partners include:

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