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What is Mavin Solution?

MAVIN Solution is a flexible, adaptive and FREE engagement management system for academics, career and college (EDP), and whole child by providing a: 

  • Safe way to seamlessly deliver instruction and build a talent portfolio during face-to-face, blended and remote learning.
  • Secure way for administrators, teachers and counselors to stay connected and engaged with students and families.
  • Simple way to document and track attendance, wellness, engagement and impact on student achievement and growth.
  • Sustainable way to help students build healthy behaviors, academic success, as well as college and career awareness, skills, and competencies.

Whether in the classroom, at home, in the workplace or in a remote learning environment, Mavin provides reliable access to learning, consistent and predictable delivery of content, a personally owned and managed educational record and talent profile, timely notice to families and caregivers, and progress monitoring and reporting for educators through a mobile phone, wireless device and/or app.  Mavin is Equity in Education!

Mavin Solution provides a daily to do list for students in the building or at home, for every school day. Some of the capabilities and features include:

  1. Accessibility through mobile phone (2G or stronger), wireless devices (Satellite internet or stronger), and through Android, Google and Apple apps for downloading assignments/cards while online, completing work offline, and uploading completed work when cellular/internet access is available.
  2. Auto-generated access for students and staff through existing Google and MS Authentication.
  3. Google, Microsoft, and Apple integrations with existing accounts, devices, and media platforms.
  4. Auto-generated and delivered daily career and college "cards" for students to explore and earn productivity points, build their talent profile, and integrate with their IDP.
  5. Creation of 
    • announcement cards by administrators, counselors, etc. to push social emotional learning messages, mental health resources/strategies/support, provide class/building/district updates, poll/survey, etc.
    • assignment cards may be created by teachers as a stand alone lesson or provide portal and integration with Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Canvas, Schoology, etc.  Lessons can be made by individual teachers, shared amongst teams or teachers, or accessed throughout region/state based on sharing permissions.  Purchased content through vendor may be integrated for a single point of access.  
    • Michigan Virtual courses  integrated within MAVIN for schools looking for an online curriculum for self-paced or teacher facilitated use.  All the lesson content and formative assessments are integrated for FREE access and use by students and staff to facilitate locally.  Local teachers would need to create and administer their own summative assessments (tests/exams), as MV's aren't portable outside of their LMS (Brightspace).
  6. Attendance, Productivity and Achievement Logs generated and exportable for pupil accounting, progress monitoring, and reporting.
  7. Wellness and Physical Health Check Ins
  8. Contact tracing through use of QR Codes (students scan code into Mavin as they enter/exit spaces within building, transportation, events). 
  9. Modern Day Social Media Integration for promoting student achievement/competency (e.g. work based learning experiences or badge/micro-credential)  
  10. Student Dashboard to progress monitor assignments that are not started, in progress, and completed.   
  11. aReal time updates for parents on their phone, desktop,  Alexa, Fire, Netflix, and/or Apple TV on status of assignments, including how many assignments their child has remaining, what their child is currently working on, and instant feedback on progress and/or grades. 
  12. Educator dashboard and student interface to progress monitor whether or not the student is catching what the teacher is pitching with real time data capture, viewing and feedback.
  13. School Meals integration for ordering, keeping track of nutritional values and nutrition security, and providing lessons on nutrition. 
  14. Record of secure interaction created / provided between the school and student/family 
  15. Professional Learning can be accessed, managed and logged, including SCECH's, badging and micro-credentialing. (Exploring integration with MOECS. 

Public-Private Partnership

Mavin “Solution” is the outgrowth of a public-private partnership to address the whole child, continuity of  learning, career awareness, and workforce development.  Solution is a joint project between local and intermediate school districts, nonprofits, chambers, workforce agencies and business leaders to meet the requirements of Continuity of Learning Plans, Career Awareness and Exploration, EDP’s, and Talent profile, in an equitable, safe, secure, simple and sustainable way. Over 200 employers throughout the midwest are engaged in this project representing all 16 industries and Michigan Career Pathways. Mavin “Solution” is free now, and will be free in the future. Project Partners include:

Mavin Partners


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