Become a Certified Mentor Coach

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Reflection. Intentionality. Reciprocal Learning. Impact. We have all had that special person in our life who helped to guide and shape us into our best self. Typically this person was there to listen, advise and motivate. As we know, there is a great demand in the workplace for immediate results, and mentoring can be the key to success. Choosing to work with a mentor coach will often bring the discipline needed to set goals, monitor progress and stay focused on results that one might not be able to do on his or her own. At the core of mentoring is the belief that individuals can and will succeed when provided the proper supports.

MASSP has designed a training for mentor coaches that prepares participants to provide mentoring and coaching to individuals within our schools, regardless of expertise. You can be that person!

Day 1

  • Pillars of mentoring, developmental curve, understanding the framework for change
  • Four mentoring stances and raising consciousness
  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Questioning and reframing
  • Data-based mentoring assessment, elements of mentoring and mentoring cycles

Day 2

  • Four-step mentoring process followed by patterns of listening
  • Reframing statement’s and scenario practice
  • Standards-based mentoring
  • Roles, rituals, people
  • Self-reflection and goal setting



Steve Seward, Program Director
(517) 327-5315