Elections for the 2021 MASSP’s Board of Directors are underway! Ballots open this morning, March 29 at 8:00 a.m. and close on Friday, April 16 at 3:00 p.m. Professional, Professional Plus and Executive members will receive ballots this morning for the open seats that represent them on the Board. We have an exceptional group of administrators running in the election: continue reading to learn a little bit about them! Note: additional candidate information can be found on your ballot.

Region 1 Representative

Jessica Garber, Assistant Principal, Escanaba Junior Senior High School

This is Jessica’s first year as the Assistant Principal of Escanaba Junior Senior High School and 20th year in education. In her nomination, Jessica says that she is running for Region 1 Representative so she can continue her “service to students, staff and our community by learning as much as I can about how to be the most effective Assistant Principal that I can as well as some day in the future being an effective Principal.”

Chad Folkersma, Principal, Rudyard Jr/Sr High School 

This is Chad’s fourth year as the Principal of Rudyard Jr/Sr High school and 15th year in education. In his nomination, Chad says that he is running for Region 1 Representative so he can “help others who are thinking about going into school leadership roles,” as well as, “looking for peers to help me grow at a leader myself.” 

Jonathan Young, Principal, Marquette Senior High School

Jonathan has been the Principal at Marquette Senior High School for the past six years and this is his 20th year in education. In his nomination, he recognizes MASSP as “an outstanding organization doing important work in our state” and that he wants to support that work as the Region 1 Representative by sharing his “passion for education, leadership and technology.”  hopes to bring an “quote from submission.”

Region 3 Representative

Steve Gough, Principal, Lowell High School

Steve has been the Principal at Lowell High School for the past three years and 30th year in education. Steve expressed he is seeking additional challenges and learning opportunities and recognized MASSP as a quality organization supporting administrators. Serving as the Region 3 Representative he hopes to “grow as an educator while also giving back to the profession.” 

Michael Leiter Ed.D., Principal, Greenville High School

This is Michael’s fourth year as the Principal of Greenville High School and the past 20 years in education. In his nomination, Michael acknowledges the value MASSP brings to the educational community and says he “would be honored to help direct the organization and continue this record of success” as the Region 3 Representative.

Jason McVoy, Principal, Oakridge Middle & High School

Jason has been the Principal at Oakridge Middle and High School for the past 9 years and this is his 20th year in education. Jason hopes to be elected to serve a second term as the Region 3 Representative, expressing the amazing experience he has and stating he knows he will “be able to contribute even more/”

Aaron Romoslawski, Assistant Principal, Sparta Senior High School

This is Aaron’s first year as the Assistant Principal of Sparta Senior High School, 14th year in education. In his nomination, Aaron expresses how he wants to “help serve, and give back to leaders in Region 3 while working collaboratively continue to improve the learning experience for all students and educators in Michigan.” 

Region 5 Representative

Mike Baszler, Principal, Goodrich High School

Mike has been the Principal at Goodrich High School for the past four years. Mike said, “We have many challenges ahead and in this uncharted territory, I want to represent your questions, challenges, and your needs as we head into "Education after Covid" in the years to come...and hope to be able to help us thrive in Region 5,” by giving back to all those who work in educational leadership roles. 

Mark Hiltunen, Principal, North Branch High School

Mark is in his 19th year as High School Principal. In his nomination, Mark says that he has “learned a lot from MASSP and member principals over the years. I would like to give back and help others as they grow in their leadership practices.” 

Kyle Wood, Principal, Croswell-Lexington High School

This is Kyle’s fifth year at Croswell-Lexington High school and fifth year as an administrator and has been in education for 15 years.  Kyle recognized MASSP as “an excellent resource… that remains at the forefront of shaping the educational direction of our state,” and says, “it would be an honor to be part of that tradition and to continue to build a strong, collaborative network for administers across the state.” 

Region 7 Representative

Noah Hollander, Principal, Battle Creek Central High School

Noah has been the Principal at Battle Creek Central High School for the past five years and this is his 13th year in the field. In Noah’s nomination he states, “As educators, we grow and move forward through community. This requires a strong alliance between leaders across a diverse group of districts.” Noah says his goal is to be that representative voice for the community while also interacting through partnership with leaders throughout the education and civic spheres.

Julie Slusher, Principal, Legg Middle School

Julie is in her sixth year as Principal at Legg Middle School in the Coldwater School District and 19th year in education. In her nomination, Julie expresses her desire to advocate for educators, students, and families. She hopes that being Region 7 representative will allow her “to continue to help build strong partnerships between families and schools, while also advocating at the government level for the best interests of all our students.”

Travis Thomsen, Principal, Portage North Middle School

Travis serves as Portage North Middle School’s Principal; he is in his seventh year PNMS and 17th year in the field. In his nomination, Travis said, “I am interested in helping shape policy and regulations...learn from others across the state and bring back best practices...share the voices of Region 7...to ensure a healthy, bright future for our students, families, and staff.”

Assistant Principal Central Representative

Amy Pashak, Assistant Principal, Howell High School

Amy has been the Assistant Principal at Howell High School for the past six years and is in her 22nd year in public education. Amy states that the role of an Assistant Principal is unique and knows that having a voice in the association is important. She says, “I welcome the opportunity to support others in my role, to be an advocate for secondary school principals, and guide the direction of the association.” 

Nicholas Toodzio, Assistant Principal, Mason High School

This is Nicholas’s 17th year as the Assistant Principal of Mason High School with over 25 years of educational experience. In his nomination, Nicholas recognizes MASSP as a resource for him and the state. He is running for the Assistant Principal Central Representative in hopes to “give back to the organization, and advocate administrators and provide them with the support they deserve.”

Jacob Voisine, Assistant Principal, TL Handy Middle School

Jacob has been the Assistant Principal at TL Handy Middle School since July 2020 and has been an administrator in the Bay City district since 2015. Jacob acknowledges that “as leaders of and within schools we are called upon to serve our students, staff, families, and the community.” If elected, “I will dutifully represent our members by staying attuned to current and pertinent information, seeking resolution to concerns or conflicts, and providing clear and timely communication.” 

Best of luck to all of our candidates and thank you for taking time to vote!

Congratulations to the three candidates that ran unopposed for their positions and being elected to the Board of Directors:

  • President-Elect: Jason Messenger, Principal, Portage West Middle School
  • Middle-Level East: Amy Hendry, Principal, Carter Middle School
  • NASSP Coordinator: Tracy Wilson, Principal, Grand Haven High School

Also congratulations to the At-Large member appointment, Heyam Alcodray, Principal, Fordson High School.

Written by Maggie Helmer, MASSP Coordinator of Programs and Communications