If you are looking for an engaging and realistic way to practice your administrative decision-making skills, look no further than MASSP’s new Administrator Simulator series. This “choose your own adventure” style of gameplay puts you or your admin team in the middle of a scenario that will require sound judgment that will put you and your district in the best situation to support student safety, staff accountability and most importantly, without legal ramifications!  

Working with our partners at Miller Johnson Attorneys, the Administrator Simulator series features a variety of simulations that districts and law firms find themselves handling each and every year. Using the simulator, administrators and their teams are presented with a scenario that will require a variety of choices. Each time a choice is made, the gameplay adapts and additional information from the story is presented.  Learners will eventually make it to the end of the simulation and will find out whether the decisions were successful or not. Then, the entire scenario can be replayed and new choices can be made to see how the gameplay changes and if it improves the outcome or not.

Student Discipline Start

Additional ways to use this new resource include:

  • Orientation for new administrators
  • Mentor and mentee work session
  • Team building
  • Administrative team alignment
  • Practice making tough decisions
  • Role play at each stage of the scenario
  • Demonstrate how to handle difficult situations
  • Strengthen ability to address individuals and stakeholders

Accompanying the simulation is a Facilitation Guide which walks administrators through beginning, during and after discussion prompts. These activities are designed to spur conversation to identify similarities and differences between buildings and administrators based on how they handle situations and make decisions. Whether participants are reflecting as individuals or engaging in group discussions as a team, completing the Administrator Simulator Facilitation Guide can help districts align practices when facing difficult scenarios.


MASSP has three Administrator Simulator courses available right now! Staff Accountability, Title IX Procedures and Student Discipline are all open for registration through the Michigan Virtual Professional Learning Portal. More simulator scenarios are being developed as well.  

Accountability in Hiring

Click on a link below to register for this new and exciting learning experience:

Staff Accountability

In this simulation, you will assume the role of Principal Harris as she deals with the onboarding of a new Special Education teacher who is having difficulty adjusting to her new position. Lately, she has been missing faculty meetings because she feels her time is better suited working on issues in the classroom...

Title IX

Brenda and Andrew are both middle school students who are dating.  On a Friday night, Andrew is at his friend’s house with two other male students. Andrew and his friends convince Brenda to send them each a nude photo of herself. After the Saturday football game, Andrew and Brenda break up.  That night, the photo that Brenda had sent was circulated over text message amongst her middle school peers...

Student Discipline

At the start of the school year, Alex is a 10th grader with below-average grades and he's socially awkward, most noticeably with his female classmates. Prior to entering the 10th grade, Alex had minimal disciplinary notes on his record.  Over the summer Alex reaches out to several of his classmates through social media. Many of those classmates are girls from his choir class the previous year.  At the kick-off of the school year, Alex is enrolled in choir again with many of the same members.  By October, it becomes apparent to the choir teacher that several female students are avoiding Alex.  After overhearing a group of girls snickering about him and his attempts to talk to them over the summer, the choir teacher pulls aside Becky for more information. Becky explains that over the summer Alex continuously messaged her on Instagram and sent her inappropriate content...

Written by Ryan Cayce, MASSP Director of Digital Learning and Resources