In case you missed it, on March 24, MDE announced a webinar series dedicated to assist educators in teaching comprehensive history instruction. “Our children deserve to learn about the full breadth of U.S. and world history,” said State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice. “As educators, we have the responsibility to teach them this full breadth of history, including race, racism, sexism, and other difficult and challenging subjects.”  To read the Michigan State Board of Education’s statement on Comprehensive History, click here.  

These webinar series will help educators understand how to responsively teach the already established Michigan curriculum. The first two topics: “Remembering the Holocaust: Never Forget to Never Repeat” and “Maawndoonganan: Using the Indigenous-Developed Social Studies Resource Guide to Teach ‘To and About First Peoples’” are curriculum themes that are featured in legislation. Public Act 170 of 2016 mandates that students receive education about genocide, including but not limited to the Holocaust and Armenian genocide. Senate Bill 876 would raise awareness about the history of Indian boarding schools as entities with the purpose of “cultural assimilation of Indigenous children” through forceful relocation and suppression of cultural identities, languages and beliefs.

While there is debate surrounding curriculum topics centered around cultural identities and beliefs, it is important to remember that these are already established topics of Michigan Social Studies curriculum. The goal behind these sessions is to better equip educators to properly and responsively teach these themes with breadth and depth of understanding in the current cultural climate.

MASSP, along with other educational organizations, will continue to partner with MDE, to not only promote these curricular opportunities (that administrators may decide to attend with teachers to have a better understanding of curriculum), but to also plan additional webinars and professional development in the near future to give administrators resources they need to advocate for curriculum in Michigan.

To see the full memo from MDE regarding these webinars, please click here.

Michigan educators can share the flyer for the first series and register for each webinar by visiting the conference registration pages:

SCECHs will be available to those who attend.

Written by Nina Davis, Associate Director of Member Services & Engagement