The Education Policy Innovation Collaborative (EPIC) at Michigan State University has launched their second COVID-19 educator survey. The survey is open now and will remain open until November 13. All K-12 educators are eligible to complete the survey, which takes roughly 15-minutes to complete. As EPIC did with their spring COVID-19 educator survey, they will be sharing results with state-level policy makers to provide them with evidence to inform policy. While we know this is an extremely challenging time for secondary Principals, your participation will help ensure that the policy makers who look to these survey results for decision making will get a building-level perspective about how schools are navigating the fall semester and continuing to provide support to their students and communities.

Click here to access the survey 

This past spring, EPIC conducted a survey of educators’ perceptions of schooling during spring 2020 to gain the critical perspective of educators in this crisis. In order to respond quickly to the pandemic, EPIC researchers added COVID-19 related questions to an ongoing survey about the state's Read by Grade Three law. While the survey was successful in garnering nearly 9,000 responses during a very busy and difficult time for educators, using the Read by Grade Three survey as a vehicle means that the responses only included educators from grades K-8. The second round survey that is now open includes educators from grades 9-12.

The spring survey responses and the analysis from EPIC has been used by a variety of policy and decision makers to help inform their understanding of how the pandemic is affecting educators and schools. EPIC has presented the results from their spring survey to several stakeholder groups including the Michigan Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee, State Board of Education, the Michigan Association of School Administrations, and the Special Education Coalition/Autism Alliance of Michigan.

Principals can see the EPIC reports and presentations from their spring survey here.

Written by Bob Kefgen, MASSP Director of Government Relations