As the 2019-20 school year begins without a state budget in place, many educators are understandably anxious about the state of affairs in Lansing. The Governor has proposed a budget that would protect MPSERS and provide a per pupil increase as well as a move toward weighted-funding based on student need, which MASSP has supported. 

The Governor’s budget also proposes a strategy for “fixing the roads” that would not reduce funding for schools. We were asked by Governor Whitmer to share the attached letter, and although you are certainly entitled to your own perspective on the budget, it is important to note that both the House and Senate budget proposals may create up to a $400 per pupil cut. Additionally, their proposals would borrow against the public education retirement system in order to put dollars toward repairing the roads. 

As an Association, we do not take the Governor’s request to send this letter to the membership lightly - MASSP is joining with MASA (Superintendents Association), MASB (School Boards Association) and both teacher unions (MEA and AFT) to share this letter. We feel it is imperative that the education community remains informed about the state of the budget process and what is potentially at stake. 

Thank you for your understanding and support throughout the remainder of the budget process. Please know that MASSP will continue to advocate on behalf of Principals as the budget debate evolves and that we understand that responsibility includes making sure the State does not balance the budget on the backs of students or educators. 

Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. I value your opinions and respect your independent thoughts on this matter. 


Wendy Zdeb




Wendy Zdeb

Executive Director

Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals

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