Earlier this year, MASSP moved our grassroots advocacy to a new platform called Phone2Action. We hadn't planned to start using it yet (we hadn't even had an opportunity to test it), but these are extraordinary times. The good news? MASSP members came through big time during this maiden voyage. When we asked you during Tuesday's legislative session to reach out to legislators on waiving days and hours of instruction lost to the mandatory school closure, you generated 662 messages to lawmakers in a little over a day!  If you haven't already (or even if you have), click here take action on our current alert and keep up the drumbeat.

The legislature didn't take the action we asked for, but they heard your message loud and clear and MASSP has been called in to meet with legislative leaders to discuss solutions. We're going to keep fighting and we're going to need your continued help, so watch for future alerts on this topic.

In the meantime, we wanted to share some information from the most recent alert and give a shout out to those areas of the state that really rocked it out. In total, 571 advocates sent 536 emails and 130 tweets to 120 state legislators (out of 138 legislators total). As you can see from the map below, these advocates came from almost every corner of the state.

State map of Michigan with MASSP alert advocates noted.

And while urban areas generally have an advantage when it comes to top 5 lists based on total numbers, it was not our state's largest urban centers that dominated our top 5 list.

City Advocates
Traverse City 46
Southfield 26
Grand Haven 14
New Baltimore 12
Farmington Hills 12

Finally, these are the legislators who received the most contacts as a result of this alert (these numbers were accurate as of the publication of this article, but we noted changes in the numbers even as we were writing this piece).

State Senator Emails Tweets TOTAL
Sen. Jeremy Moss 30 4 34
Sen. Wayne Schmidt 29 5 34
Sen. Curt Vanderwall 20 8 28
Sen. Dan Lauwers 19 7 26
Sen. Tom Barrett 16 4 20
Sen. Jim Runestad 11 3 14
Sen. Lana Theis 11 1 12
Sen. Aric Nesbitt 9 3 12
Sen. Erika Geiss 8 3 11
Sen. Peter Lucido 7 4 11


State Representative Emails Tweets TOTAL
Rep. Jack O'Malley 20 8 28
Rep. Larry Inman 27 0 27
Rep. Kyra Bolden 18 3 21
Rep. Christine Greig 9 1 10
Rep. Gary Eisen 9 0 9
Rep. Brandt Iden 4 4 8
Rep. Shane Hernandez 6 2 8
Rep. Pamela Hornberger 7 1 8
Rep. Graham Filler 5 2 7
Rep. Kristy Pagan 5 2 7

How can we improve for next time? In addition to generating more total contacts, it's important for educators who live in the areas represented by legislative leadership to make their voices heard. Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield only received one contact. Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey only received six. So please don't just take action yourselves, but urge your colleagues in other areas of the state to act as well. And please feel free to share our alerts with other educators in your circle. Anyone can take action using MASSP's grassroots advocacy platform, not just secondary principals.

Thank you again for your great work in this campaign!