Thank you to everyone who completed our member survey in May. We used the information you provided to plan forward for the 2021-22 school year. The vast majority of respondents were very satisfied with MASSP’s communication, resources, professional development and updates. 



Survey results indicate members greatly appreciate MASSP’s communication efforts. 

I highly value the information I receive through MASSP for its accuracy, timeliness, relevancy (to my practice as a high school principal) and importance,” said one member. “I believe that even if I receive an email I don't ‘need,’ it was sent by someone who is trying to provide information I may need and not someone making up another email to send. That type of confidence in the material shared is a compliment to the whole team at MASSP.” 

We are making a few changes based on member feedback: In the Middle With You and The Assist special newsletters will be provided three times this year. We hope to include more member written articles to increase connections between members and to share information about great things happening at your schools. If you are a Middle School Principal or Assistant Principal and you would like to contribute an article to either publication please submit it here: In the Middle with You and The Assist.




There is a high satisfaction rate with MASSP’s Leader2Leader webinars. We will continue to provide these opportunities free of charge, but moving forward they will be a “members only benefit”. Many members provided similar comments to this one:

“Thank you for your deep and consistent support on key topics during the pandemic. You give us information that gives us confidence that we know what we're talking about, and help us identify our decision making points.” 

The lower satisfaction ratings with the Digital Learning Network and Legal Services and Supports were largely due to members not accessing these services. As an Association we are committed to providing professional development in a variety of formats – in person, live streamed and fully online to meet the needs of members statewide. 

Building Administrators are busy people with full inboxes! MASSP does not want our communications to be deleted simply because Principals don’t have time to read it. Your feedback tells us the frequency of our communications is “just right” for the vast majority.

As a member driven organization your feedback is incredibly important to the entire MASSP staff. When we survey on legislative priorities, your overall satisfaction with the Association and/or about individual events or topics we truly use the information to guide our work. We want to grow and change with the needs of the field and we will continue to forecast forward and help you to navigate challenges in the educational environment. 

Thank you for all that you do as amazing building leaders. If there is anything we can do to better serve you we are open to your feedback.

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Written by Wendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director