On Friday, Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-120, which expressly allows K-12 school sports activities and other in-person extracurricular school activities to resume. The programs must abide by "the rules described in Executive Order 2020- 110 (including any rules on social distancing and the closure of indoor exercise facilities) and Executive Order 2020-115, whichever order applies to the region in which the school is located."

The EO also lifts restrictions on overnight residential, travel, and troop camps beginning June 15. Executive Order 2020-120 requires camps to follow guidance issued by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). These guidelines will be published in the coming days and were developed in close collaboration with public health experts and the camp industry.

Because EO 2020-120 simply amends the language in EO 2020-65 (both linked below) pertaining to sports and extracurriculars, the remainder of the school disclosure EO remains in place as it previously was. For a full discussion of those provisions, see MASSP's article published this week on Considerations for Closing Out the 2019-20 School Year.

EO 2020-120

EO 2020-65