A new opportunity is now available for Michigan educators and administrators interested in computer science.  The Michigan Computer Science Professional Learning Network has launched to provide CS stakeholders a new platform to connect and support one another through future webinars, newsletters, meetups, and other monthly events.   

Leading the CS PLN are:

  • Larry Wyn - MiSTEM Network 
  • Cheryl Wilson - Michigan Department of Education
  • Josh Pudaloff - MI Computer Science Teachers Association
  • Vinos Kassab - MI Computer Science Teachers Association

The new CS PLN wants to connect educators, consultants and other state-level leaders in a variety of ways in order to advance computer science initiatives across the state.

Educators will have the opportunity to come together to learn from experts and other educators. Share ideas, resources, and brainstorm new strategies.  Consultants can learn from experts and other consultants in the field, providing resources and tools to support educators and join round tables to discuss on-demand CS topics.  State level individuals and organizations will be gathering to share state-level resources and opportunities, while providing direction and advisement of state-level implementation of the CS.

Want to join this PLN? Click here to fill out the networking form and select how you prefer to receive information.  

To watch a recording of the first CS PLN information session, please click here.

Written by Ryan Cayce, MASSP Director of Digital Learning and Resources