The Michigan Merit Curriculum has been a hot-button issue in the past few weeks as SB 600 has gained some ground in the Senate. The bill, proposed by Senator Jon Bumstead, would make sweeping changes to the state's graduation requirement law, eliminate the Algebra II and physical education requirements, and would replace required courses in science and social science with course titles that may or may not have standards attached to them. 

MASSP has been working with the sponsor’s office to resolve our concerns, but without success so far. On Tuesday during a Senate Education Committee hearing for SB 600, MASSP testified in opposition to the bill as currently written and outlined our concerns in detail for the committee. 

To help you further understand the impact that SB 600 would have on the MMC, we have put together a short video explaining the bill and its proposed changes. Click on the video below to watch: 

We have also compiled additional resources to help you better understand SB 600, its implications, and MASSP's opposition to the bill:

Side-by-Side Comparison of SB 600 and the Current Law

Senate Education Committee Hearing Video

SB 600 Talking Points

Letter from the Board of Directors

Written by Bob Kefgen, MASSP Director of Government Relations