When a new teacher joins your school district and your staff how do you get them up to speed on current initiatives? How do you provide high quality job embedded professional development to support their growth? Does your district/school have a systemic approach that supports new hires during their first three years? Research indicates lack of administrative support to be one of the top reasons new teachers leave the profession. This was affirmed in the Launch Michigan survey completed by Michigan teachers during the 2018-19 school year. Principals recognize the importance of supporting new teachers but finding the time to develop a new teacher induction program that is robust and research based is a challenge. To this end, MASSP has created Teacher+, a series of online modules that come with facilitation guides. Teacher+ allows teachers to think and work independently on implementing best practice instructional strategies learned in the modules then come together as a group to discuss and share. Teacher+ is designed for use with K-12 teachers in all subject areas and settings.

It is also important to remember, new teacher induction is not just something that would be nice to offer...it is a statutory requirement to provide this professional development:

"Michigan’s Revised School Code section 380.1526 requires school districts to provide fifteen days of professional development to teachers across the first three years of their employment (aligned with the individual development plan and mentor’s advice). A “day” is defined as at least six hours. The “year” is considered to begin on July 1 and end on June 30, coinciding with the school fiscal year. These days are in addition to the five days the district is required to provide to all teachers."

For school districts using the 5D/5D+ Teacher Evaluation system, MASSP also has customized Teacher+ modules available to provide an overview of the evaluation process inclusive of setting growth goals for the year, as well as how to utilize the pivot online tool. This introduction module is free of charge to all 5D/5D+ Teacher evaluation system

What might this look like? You have a variety of options in terms of how you can set up and utilize the Teacher+ modules.

Two implementation options for districts to consider when electing this training for their teacher(s):

Option 1: Teacher+ (On-Demand/Self-Paced)

Individual educator fee: $125/module; 20 SCECHs or $500/bundle of all six modules; 120 SCECHs

  • A district/school may purchase the Teacher+ modules for each new teacher allowing them to access the modules as soon as they are hired and progress through them independently anytime, anyplace and at any pace
  • A district/school may elect to purchase Teacher+ modules to deploy within a local cohort in which a group of new hires engage in the six modules over one year, two years or three years with the support of an MASSP provided Facilitation Guides

Option 2: Teacher+ (Online/Facilitated)

Individual educator fee: $250/module; 20 SCECHs and Digital Badge, or $1250/bundle of all six modules; 120 SCECHs and Digital Badges

  • A district/school may elect to enroll educator(s) in an MASSP cohort of new teachers facilitated by Steve Seward, MASSP Associate Director
  • Teachers will receive valuable, timely and personalized feedback
  • A district/school may also choose to divide up the six modules and require two per year during the first three years to exceed the MDE requirement for new teacher professional development

Check out this implementation guide for a potential three-year induction plan.

Specific Teacher+ modules may also be excellent support for non-traditional teachers (e.g. CTE teachers from business and industry) and teachers on IDPs who need targeted support to grow their practice.  MASSP may be contracted to create and/or add custom Teacher+ modules for district/buildings that want to bring new hires up to speed on local initiatives (e.g. Restorative Practices, Competency-Based Education, Social Emotional Learning).

The MASSP staff welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with school partners on developing a comprehensive and customized three year plan to support new teachers.

Written by Wendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director