Al Reickard - APOY 2022LANSING, Mich. – Albert (Al) Reickard, Assistant Principal of North Rockford Middle School, has been named Michigan’s 2022 Assistant Principal of the Year by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) and the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies (MASC/MAHS). Mr. Reickard will represent Michigan as the state’s nominee for the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Assistant Principal of the Year competition, which will be awarded in July during the Virtual National Principals Conference.  

Reickard’s nomination garnered stakeholder support inclusive of: the North Rockford Middle School Principal Lissa Weidenfeller, students, multiple support staff ranging
from Head Custodian, Security Officer to Administrative Assistants, and teachers.

Many made note of how Reickard stepped up when his school needed him to, taking
on multiple roles and demonstrated exceptional leadership during challenging times; approaching each situation with grace and professionalism. “Al wants to make a difference for kids. It is because of Al Reickard’s commitment to the role of Assistant Principal that he has gained the leadership and trust of our students, staff and community,” said Weindenfeller. 

Reickard’s multiple recommendation letters attest to the value he has for every individual in the school and community. Many explained how he takes extra time to help out - no matter the job, to listen and assist individuals becoming their best selves. Cullen McCarthy, NRMS Bands, said Reickard “feels that he has succeeded when others are succeeding.” 

NRMS teachers describe Reickard’s investment and pride in people and being a Rockford Ram. Shannon Dunham, NRMS Attendance and AP Administrative Assistant, stated “If there is ever a need for help, advice or support, Al is there for you.” She expressed how all of his qualities create a positive environment in the building and described him as “a shining example of excellence in education.” 

“Al Reickard knows what it takes to be a true leader," said Wendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director. “As stated by Ray Plath, NRMS Head Custodian, ‘Mr. Reickard goes beyond the last bell.’ It is because of that, we are honored to recognize Al as Michigan’s 2022 Assistant Principal of the Year.”

To qualify for this award, nominees must have served in an Assistant Principal role for at least three years in grades 6-12. Additionally, nominees must demonstrate a sense of collaborative leadership, involvement in curriculum, instruction and assessment, as well as a personal positive involvement with district staff, students and families.  The selection committee includes students and principals from the MASC/MAHS Board of Directors and the MASSP Board of Directors.

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