As an educator, you have been given the vital task of empowering our next generation of leaders, but transferable skills take time to foster and good leadership opportunities can be hard to come by. At Versiti Blood Center of Michigan we’ve created a suite of programs that turn the hard work and dedication needed to host a blood drive into opportunities for your students! At every education level from elementary up through college, we have a tailored program to engage with students and suit their needs. 

And it’s a win-win – when you partner with us, you are also helping your community thrive! As the blood provider to many hospitals across the state, a donation with us could save the life of a student, family member, or one day even you! Your partnership is more valuable to us than you might think! For example, did you know that 20% of all our blood collections comes from school blood drives? Not only that, but schools are also one of our number one contributors of first-time donors! 

We want to help your students become leaders who understand the importance of giving back to their community. Now is the time to secure your program with us for the 2024-2025 school year! If you are already a partner, please reach out to your account representative. If you are an interested new partner, please visit for more information and click “Host a Blood Drive”.