Last week MASSP facilitated two Leader2Leader panels focused on student engagement and failure rate mitigation. The first panel consisted of high school students from around Michigan who shared their thoughts on motivation, participation, engagement strategies and structure.

Student Panel Q&A

Key insights students appreciate: 

  • When teachers offer office hours and prefer the hours to be at a standard time each day, school wide.
  • Teachers who connect with every student 1:1 for check ins. 
  • Teachers encouraging/requiring participation by calling on each student and/or counting participation points.
  • When teachers begin class by having 4-5 students share how their day is going (building connections and relationships).
  • When their peers have their cameras on and would prefer the teacher requires it.
  • Structure. They like it when the class is run as it would be if they were learning in person.
  • When Administrators drop in to classes, send school wide messages on social media or via the LMS (positive quotes or motivational messages) and “attempt” humor,
  • When the school offers fun activities like trivia night, poetry slams etc. They are missing the fun school activities.

The second panel consisted of Principals who gave examples of interventions in place in their schools as well as changes in policy and procedures to accommodate the challenges students are facing.

Slide Deck

This coming week on Tuesday, January 12 at 4:00pm MASSP’s In the Middle With You webinar will also focus on student engagement and failure rate mitigation.  We look forward to exploring this topic with Middle School Principals and to providing the opportunity for collegial sharing.

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Written by Wendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director