Call me optimistic, or perhaps kind of crazy, but MASSP has three big events scheduled for October and we are opening the call for presentations for all three of them:

  • October 5, The High School Student Mental Health Summit
  • October 6, The Middle School Student Mental Health Summit
  • October 19, ReCon

At this time MASSP is planning all three of these events to include in-person, blended and virtual attendance options.  We know the content is incredibly important and want to ensure that the learning and networking happen in the delivery mode that best meets the needs of participants.  In addition to fabulous keynotes, what makes these events amazing?  Presentations for practitioners!  We need the best of the best to make all three of these learning opportunities must attend events so please consider submitting a breakout presentation to share your programming.

Student Mental Health

High School Student Mental Health Summit | October 5, Lansing Center

Middle School Student Mental Health Summit | October 6, The Radisson in Lansing

Last year's SMH Summit drew over 500 middle and high school students, teachers and administrators to Lansing for a powerful day of dialogue and learning around student mental health. This year’s event intends to do the same.  To best meet the needs of each age group we are dividing into two separate events.  Bring your team of 4-6 students and 2-3 teachers, counselors and administrators to: hear powerful keynote presentations, learn about trends in student mental health, successful programming in place in other schools and to dialogue as a school team what you need to take place and implement.

Consider submitting breakout sessions that highlight:

Programming that combats:

  • Vaping and drug use
  • Bullying
  • The negative impacts of social media
  • Over reliance on digital media
  • Stress 

Programming that promotes:

  • Positive mindsets and healthy decision making
  • Mindfulness
  • Coping and stress reduction
  • Mental health awareness




ReCon- Revise, Revisit, Re-envision and Reconnect

Due to the uncertainty of holding a big event at the end of June MASSP is excited to announce RECON as an alternate event to bring the membership together to debrief and plan forward following this unprecedented time in our history.  As leaders, we can anticipate that education will never quite look the same and we will need to share successful practices learned to be better prepared in the future for disruptions in learning and for meeting the needs of all students.

RECON will….

  • Feature keynote speakers that will help shape this new vision of learning.
  • Include practitioner breakouts sharing best practice in terms of learning platforms, student and teacher supports, CLP schedules and resources.
  • Highlight vendors with proven products schools have successfully implemented and utilized to meet their needs.
  • Allow time for secondary school leaders to share their experiences and learn from each other's success.

Consider submitting breakout sessions that highlight:

  • Your school/districts successful remote learning plan.  Highlighting lessons learned and things you will improve moving forward
  • Best practice in terms of systemic thinking...LMS, communications, social emotional supports and community outreach
  • Nuts and bolts- What steps did you take to train teachers, students and parents that resulted in successful remote learning?
  • How will your district provide in-person, blended and remote learning options for your students in the future?


Written by Wendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director