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March 31, 2020
Postponement of Events Most all schools have entered into a holding pattern for some of the largest and most important end of the year events. With events like prom, award ceremonies and…
March 30, 2020
We are in the middle of an intense moment for our country and our world. We're all adapting to a new normal, struggling to figure out how we care for one another and our students, and finding new…
March 30, 2020
Illinois - Remote Learning Recommendations The CliffsNotes Version Highlights from the Illinois Plan: The Ultimate Aim (page 9) Emphasizes focusing on the critical standards. The need to support…
March 30, 2020
Virtual Spirit Week School spirit can happen anywhere! And staff members can play a big part in encouraging others to join in. There are hundreds of spirit week ideas that can be facilitated and…

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