Program Acceptance

Program acceptance is not guaranteed.

MASSP reserves the right to deny or defer any program applicants due to qualifications or space. Candidates who are accepted to the program will be notified via e-mail once the Cohort has reached capacity or the application deadline has passed, whichever occurs sooner.

Candidates who are accepted to the program are required to attend the mandatory online orientation session for the specific Cohort they applied to. This information can be found on the Cohort calendar.

Non-Education Candidates
Candidates to the Path to Leadership program who are not currently in a position of leadership within a school setting must have demonstrated successful leadership experience, including the administration of instructional programs and management or supervision of people.

Candidate's leadership experience must be employer-verified and supported with documents defining his/her work including:

  • Employment contract;
  • Job description;
  • List of job responsibilities;
  • Supervisory responsibilities; and
  • Evaluations completed by a supervisor.

Candidate's leadership experiences must translate to a school administration position in that it includes:

  • Hiring and evaluation of staff;
  • Direct supervision and training;
  • Enacting and monitoring of mission and vision;
  • Implementation of programming;
  • Program appraisal and monitoring of program effectiveness;
  • Ongoing continuous improvement;
  • Engagement of the community; and
  • Enacting a positive climate and culture.

Candidates who are unable to provide documentation supporting the given criteria will not be admitted to the Path to Leadership program.