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Keynote Sessions

A Call to Action: Leading Amid a Social Justice Crisis
[Dr. Vernita Mayfield, Author & Consultant]
The compelling events of May 2020 that streamed into the streets, homes, and communities across the United States made it abundantly clear that ignorance of racial and cultural bias and how it manifests in educational practice is not something that schools can afford to ignore. Staff and students alike are experiencing the pain and frustration of racial inequity and the time for social justice in schools is now. Cultural competency cannot wait. Every educator needs to recognize, understand, and challenge implicit bias, structural racism, and privilege in schools. This session will outline a leadership path forward through which one can build cultural competency and systematically confront and redesign a more equitable, inclusive, and socially just school or district.

Staying Personal & Authentic in the Midst of Adversity
[Thomas Murray, Director of Innovation at Future Ready Schools, National Speaker & Author]
2020 has brought uncertainty at every turn. Opening this school year in the midst of a global pandemic has created significant anxiety and a loss of sleep for all educators, regardless of position. As we lead through uncertainty, how can we create a culture where both students and staff can thrive? How can we work to overcome fear and fail forward when things don't go as planned? How can we best leverage the things that we still control? Regardless of what happens outside our school walls, together we can work to create meaningful opportunities for those we serve when we hyper-focus on the things that matter most. The work is hard, but our kids are worth it!

A Brave New World
[Dr. Michael Rice, Michigan Superintendent of Public Education]
State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice will share thoughts on the adjustments everyone has made during these challenging times, and how even during a pandemic, we still need to focus on mid- and long-term planning and the necessity to continue focusing on meeting children’s needs. 

The Administrator Simulator: Will You Make The Right Call?
[Kevin Sutton, Attorney for Miller Johnson]
Administrators are faced with challenging scenarios on a daily basis that require professional and personal judgment that must comply with local, state and federal laws and policies.  In this interactive session, Attorney Kevin Sutton will facilitate a simulation with participants regarding a Title IX complaint.  Much like a choose your own adventure story, participants will be presented options for proceeding through an investigation and resolution of the complaint.  Each choice by participants leads down a different path, and ramification of choices are revealed. In short, YOU decide how the story plays out.  Will your decisions in the simulation comply with newly released Title IX requirements and resolve the complaint, or might you end up calling your attorney and end up in court? Let’s find out! 

Legislative Update
[Bob Kefgen, MASSP Director of Government Relations]
You read Bob’s legislative updates, you see his posts on social media- now you will get a live legislative update with the opportunity to ask questions.  MASSP’s Executive Director Wendy Zdeb will chime in and help to moderate one of everyone’s favorite keynotes!

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Equity Breakout Sessions

With a variety of scenarios and learning environments in place this school year, one thing is certain: some students and families will face challenges in access and supports. How do we identify and plan to minimize—and strive to erase—the systemic inequities many in our school communities will encounter? Breakouts will include a panel of Superintendents discussing how they are addressing bias & equity as well as practitioner-led sessions focused on creating a culture of inclusion and equity.

Inclusivity 101 - Creating a Welcoming Environment for ALL
[Kia Hagens & Annette Christiansen, MEA]
In this anti-bias training, participants will learn about the importance of understanding how biases impact the faculty, staff, and students in our schools. Designed with the educator and school leader in mind, this training helps leaders create and support a school and workplace climate that is inclusive and supportive of diversity and cultural competency. 

Learning to Unlearn: Challenging Ourselves to Lead for Racial Equity
[Naomi Norman & Nhu Do, Washtenaw ISD]
As leaders who care about the success of each student we have found that leading for racial equity starts with our own socialization and views about race and poverty. It then extends to our school norms and our larger parent and community expectations and culture. As leaders--one of us as an ISD superintendent and the other as a high school principal--we'll share some of the ways we have learned to challenge our personal biases and privileges in order to lead in a way that disrupts the inequitable practices in our organizations. This will be a bit about our personal journeys as leaders and the important lessons we've learned as well the sharing of approaches, tools and resources we've used to navigate this work.

Culturally Responsive Education
[Nina Davis, L'Anse Creuse MS - East]
This session will focus on tips and resources for being a culturally responsive educator during a pandemic and beyond.

Self-Advocacy, Access, and Equity: How AVID Creates, Family, Advocacy, and Advancement for At-Risk Students
[Tom Lietz, Kelly Bronski, Kirsten Bolitho & Brian Drobnich, Utica High School]
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is more than a national non-profit organization that helps change lives by making schools more equitable and student-centered. It is a transformative program that helps divergent students develop family bonds, capacity for self-advocacy, and resilience to help them achieve greatness! Our story at Utica High School is nearly decade-long journey of realizing college hopes, expanding access to AP courses, and helping students push to goals they thought unachievable! This breakout will feature administrators, teachers and students sharing their part and perspective in that story and excited to answer your questions!

Superintendent Equity Panel
[Dr. Brian Davis/Holland Public Schools, Dr. Randy Davis/Marshall Public Schools, Monica Merritt/Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, & Dr. Jeanice Swift/Ann Arbor Public Schools]
Four outstanding Michigan Superintendents will participate in a panel discussion focused on equity issues.  The following will drive the conversation: 
1) How has the pandemic changed how you view equity?  How has your district responded? 2) How has the Black Lives Matter movement and current racial tensions been addressed in your district? 3) What programming does your district have in place for staff (bias training, book studies, etc)? 4) Has your district looked at discipline statistics from the lens of race?  How has this been shared with staff? 5) What advice do you have for building principals who want to commit to an equity focus in their building?

Back to School in Unusual Times: Responding to the Needs of LGBTQ+ Students in the Midst of Upheaval
[Kim Phillips-Knope, MDE]
We are living in unprecedented times and not all students or families are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic or racial injustice in the same ways. This webinar is designed to help secondary school principals understand and respond to the needs of LGBTQ+ students who may have experienced trauma, grief/loss, violence/harassment, and extensive isolation, especially among LGBTQ+ students of color. The good news is that there are simple, impactful steps schools can take to reconnect and re-engage their students in a healing-centered, culturally responsive way.

Claim Your Credits! CLEP in Michigan
[Ted Gardella, College Board]
Michigan has begun the implementation of the College Level Examination Program with K-12 students, and will now add CLEP for adult learners - learn about both!

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Social-Emotional Learning & Support Breakout Sessions

We must recognize that some students, families, and communities will have experienced trauma and adversity during the pandemic. How can schools support these students?  How do we ensure that as leaders we are taking self-care to be mentally and emotionally ready to support students and staff? Breakouts will address the social-emotional needs of students, staff as well as self-care.

Life in the S.L.O.W. Lane
[Lauren Kazee, Living S.L.O.W. LLC]
Need some “me time”?! Who doesn’t?! Join us as we discuss some simple self-care strategies to help offset the impact of “2020”. You will have an opportunity to identify and try practices that are a good fit for you. This workshop will be engaging, interactive and include a variety of practical ways for implementing your own well-being and self-care, even amidst chaos.

Social-Emotional Learning & Student Support
[Kasey Hagler/Northview High School, Kelly Meerman/GR Catholic Central & Heidi Smitley/GR Catholic Central]
Nearly 50% of all adolescents are impacted by mental illness, yet only 20% of those ever receive effective treatment. Learn how two schools are changing the odds for student success by implementing UM TRAILS (Transforming Research into Action to Improve the Lives of Students) to bring effective mental health care to all students within their schools. Counselors from Grand Rapids Catholic Central and Northview High School will share how they are using the daily faces screener as an early warning and intervention system, responding to notable emoticons and intensity ratings, and deploying Social Emotional Learning messages and lessons schoolwide to their students for free through a simple, safe, secure and sustainable tool (Mavin Solution).

Sex, Drug, Rock & Roll…NOT!
[Sophia Lafayette & Dawn Flood, Walled Lake Northern HS]
At this session, administrators will learn about Students Leading Students (SLS), a nationally recognized, school-based, student-led organization dedicated to ensuring youth remain safe, healthy, alcohol and drug free through leveraging peer relationships and student voice. Attendees will learn how Walled Lake Northern High School and other Michigan HS SLS chapters engage students in developing initiatives that address physical health and safety, relationship skills, and mental health needs of peers in their school. SLS Chapters train students on leadership and executive functioning skill development that has proven to increase resistance skills and decrease alcohol, tobacco, and drug use amongst students.

Building Community, in a Virtual or Hybrid Environment, to Ensure Authentic Learning and Well-Being
[Dr. Lara Dixon, Adam Burns & Kristin Meldrum, Troy Athens HS]
We began the year virtually and are now in a hybrid model where faculty teach live to in-seat students as virtual students watch and participate via Zoom. In this session, we will share examples of the most impactful and innovative practices Troy School District and Troy Athens High School have done to better meet our students’ and staff members’ needs of safety, dignity, and belonging so that well-being is prioritized and authentic learning occurs. We will discuss our progress and what we will do next to advance equity, opportunity, and learning for all. Resources and artifacts (video and documents) will be shared and discussed. Participants will also be able to discuss what they have done to forward community, learning, and well-being in their schools and district.

TRAILS responds to needs during COVID-19
[Elizabeth Koschmann, TRAILS/Univeristy of Michigan]
TRAILS, the school mental health program from the University of Michigan, has been dedicated to supporting schools around the state over the past few years. Our main goal is to make evidence-based skills available to school mental health professionals and students. Student mental health and wellness was already a top priority before COVID-19. Now with the onset of the pandemic and ongoing social justice movements, TRAILS is responding to the increased need for support. Join us as we provide an overview of TRAILS’ evidence-based mental health resources for schools.

Renaissance RX: Prescriptive Resources for SEL Needs of Schools
[John Roh, Dr. Phillip & Dr. Tara Campbell]
In this session, three members of the Jostens Renaissance Team, Dr. Phillip Campbell, Dr. Tara Campbell and John Roh, will lead a virtual "think tank" regarding how schools are addressing contributing factors around student/teacher well being, mental health and digital/technology issues..  Jostens Renaissance resources will be shared that schools can utilize for SEL including the Harbor video series, Jostens Renaissance Leadership Curriculum, Live virtual events and more.

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Strategy & Operations Breakout Sessions

Logistics. Technology. Communication. Schedules. Schools look—and run—very differently right now and will need to be ready to respond quickly as the situation changes. What processes have school leaders put in place that are helping things to run smoothly? Principals will share their schedules, learning platforms, teacher PD plans and how they connect/communicate with stakeholders.

Creating an Intervention Dashboard
[Jason Frink, Portage Central HS]
This session will focus on how to create and utilize a shared dashboard to identify students needing intervention, track in-place interventions, and monitor the impact of those interventions. We will include some practical tips on how to use things like sparklines and conditional formatting as well as discussing how to use this dashboard to make your intervention processes more efficient. Lastly, we will talk about how to best use this system whether you are in a face-to-face or a remote learning mode.

The School Leader's Guide to MISchoolData
[Dr. Jennifer Parker & Dr. Rhonda Provoast, MISchoolData ISD Partners]
Come on a guided tour of the recently updated MISchoolData site, with a spotlight on the K-12 resources for district and building analysis. Explore the 30,000 foot view of achievement and demographic data, menus and personas, new reports and features, user roles, and student level performance that guides administrative decision making.

MS Schedule/Teaching Structure Panel
[Shawna Groulx/St. Charles MS & HS, Nina Davis/L’Anse Creuse MS - East, Rick Frens/Hamilton MS, & Amy Hendry/Carter MS]
Join this MS exclusive breakout to listen and learn as panelists share current schedules for F2F and remote instruction, teacher responsibilities, in-district vs online provider choices and how students transfer between learning environments.

HS Schedule/Teaching Structure Panel
[Tracy Wilson/Grand Haven HS, Tom Lietz/Utica HS, Todd Simmons/Pewamo-Westphalia Jr/Sr HS, & JoLynn Clark/Frankenmuth HS]
Join this HS exclusive breakout to listen and learn as panelists share current schedules for F2F and remote instruction, teacher responsibilities, in-district vs online provider choices and how students transfer between learning environments.

MS LMS & Apps/Communication Panel
[Tim Sanchez/Grayling MS, Dave Powers/Schoolcraft MS & Jason Ohrt/Avondale MS]
Join this MS exclusive breakout to listen and learn as panelists share the choices their buildings and districts have made regarding LMS, apps and communication.  Panelists will focus on providing how staff, student and parent training was implemented, which “go to” apps teachers are regularly using and the various modes of communication being used to reach stakeholders. 

HS LMS & Apps/Communication Panel
[Steve Forsberg/Ludington HS, Jason Reinecke/West Ottowa North HS, Tara Mager/Meridian HS, & Ryan Sines/Fraser HS]
Join this HS exclusive breakout to listen and learn as panelists share the choices their buildings and districts have made regarding LMS, apps and communication.  Panelists will focus on providing how staff, student and parent training was implemented, which “go to” apps teachers are regularly using and the various modes of communication being used to reach stakeholders. 

Changing the Game with the MAVIN "Solution"
[Colin Ripmaster, MASSP]
Many districts developed plans for the return to learn with limited budgets and expertise for leading, teaching and learning during a Pandemic. Educators did what they could with what they had.  We are now a few months into the 2020-21 school year - is your district in need of a more comprehensive strategy for communication and instruction at no added cost? Learn how districts are using a FREE mobile “Solution” that is focused on whole child, equity and careers to improve face-to-face and virtual instruction, while concurrently and automatically addressing requirements for attendance, two-way communication, wellness, EDP's, and Talent Profiles.

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Supporting Teaching & Learning Breakout Sessions

Educators have had to adapt everything they do and everything that's familiar to meet students' needs, all while dealing with the pandemic themselves. How can we support teachers and build their capacity, both emotional and pedagogical, to work in a flexible and changing teaching/school environment?  How do principals lead in a time of uncertainty? Breakouts will include some amazing teachers who will show how their classrooms have been adapted to meet the needs of students online as well as practitioner led sessions on how leaders can best support teacher growth in a mode that many have not taught in themselves.

Creativity, Complexity and Choice F2F & Online
[Laura Bradley, Kenilworth Junior HS in California]
Featured Presenter:  Laura Bradley has been teaching middle school English in Sonoma County, California since 1988. She also developed curriculum for and teaches a digital design class and a broadcast media class, where her students produce the school’s daily news show. Laura holds an M.A. in Educational Technology, and is a Google Certified Innovator, Google Certified Educator, PBS Digital Innovator, National Board Certified Teacher, Bay Area Writing Project Teacher Consultant, Edutopia facilitator, and first place winner of the Henry Ford Teacher Innovator Award.

How can administrators best support teachers during distance learning? How can teachers give students opportunities for choice and voice in their learning? Laura Bradley, middle school teacher since 1988, will share her favorite ways of putting technology, creativity and ownership in the hands of students, as well as offer tips based on her school’s distance learning experiences. Gather some nuts-and-bolts technology tips along with ways to build depth and complexity into student learning, whether on site or at a distance.

Project-Based Learning in Alternative Education: Relationships, Relevance, & Quick Wins
[Sidney Bailey, Portage West MS]
Audience members will begin the session by examining the implementation of Project Based Learning in an alternative education setting. Research-based protocols, such as "What? So What? Now What?" and "Creating Metaphors" will be utilized to promote meaningful dialogue on session content as well as relevant professional experiences. These protocols will encourage reflection and peer networking, along with diversifying perception of the presented content. Attendees will develop plans customized for their district/building/classroom and will have the opportunity to share with colleagues prior to the end of the session. A "parking lot" Padlet will be provided for attendees to post questions along with a social media handle exchange to continue dialogue.

Supporting Remote Learning with The Distance Learning Playbook
[Liz Lietz, Macomb Intermediate School District]
Districts across the state are working hard to deliver instruction to their students in remote and hybrid settings. Most districts have had to quickly shift from face-to-face learning to online delivery, and teachers still need more support in knowing how to build relationships with students and parents, develop teacher clarity and credibility, engage learners and provide meaningful feedback. The Distance Learning Playbook was created in the summer of 2020 by authors Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey and John Hattie to address these topics in a teacher-friendly way. Over 50 videos and online templates provide models and tools for teachers as they address challenges that arise in their virtual classrooms. Join presenter Liz Lietz, Macomb Intermediate School District ELA Consultant, to explore this professional book and consider how you could use it to support your teacher’s ongoing learning needs in a remote setting. Participants will also examine the MISD’s ELA Remote Learning Plan that includes research-based guidance and curated resources for teachers in a virtual or hybrid setting.

Teaching & Learning 2.0
[Erin Carlson/Sandusky Jr/Sr HS & Josh Delameter/Grant MS]
Are 95-100% of your students engaging daily whether in the classroom, at home or in the workplace? If not, why not?  Learn how teachers are increasing attendance, engagement and learning, as students pivot between face-to-face, virtual and hybrid instruction through the use of a consistent and predictable delivery of daily learning cards that students access, engage and complete on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop whether in the classroom, home or community. Presenters will share how they are creating, deploying and progress monitoring daily lessons that connect academic content with career awareness to establish broader purpose and transferable skills, while increasing retention, recall and value for learning beyond success in school.

Observation & Feedback in a Pandemic
[Steve Seward, MASSP]
Explore content, processes, and communication strategies that are necessary to promote and sustain professional growth and shared learning. The interactive learning experience provides an immediate application of content and skills guaranteed to enhance teacher efficacy and student learning.

Engagement Strategies for Teachers in the Classroom or Online
[Steve Seward & Ryan Cayce, MASSP]
Are you ready to think about the many ways you can design lessons with collaboration in mind? Join us as we explore various lesson formats, tools, ideas, and strategies to engage thinking, learning, and ownership.

More than Tech: Best Practices from a Virtual School Leader for How To Build Thriving Virtual & Hybrid Environments
[Sarah Giddings, WAVE - Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium]
This presentation will be a discussion of how to create and/or sustain thriving virtual and hybrid environments stemming from the presenter's decade of experience in those types of learning spaces. Open Q&A of what works/what doesn't, critical examination of systemic reinvention, and practical considerations will all be discussed.

Complete Student Support for Success with AP
[Kari Anama, College Board]
The AP program has added new resources to help students succeed, including daily instructional videos. Learn more about the complete system, and help your students earn college credits.

Reflecting on Remote Learning: What’s Working? What Isn’t? How Will We Move Forward?
[Thomas Soria & Michael Dahlinger, Michigan Virtual]
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, school leaders have been challenged to keep students safe, provide quality learning options for several uncertain scenarios, and retain students in the school or district. In this session, a panel of Michigan principals will reflect on the remote learning models they’ve implemented, including what they wish they’d known earlier, what challenges they faced, and what adjustments they’d like to make in the future. Join in on the conversation and hear for yourself how principals are leading their schools forward by fostering effective remote teaching practices and maintaining a sharp focus on student success.

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Additional Sessions

Morning Tension Relief & Brain Energizer
[Brandy Bugni, Yoga to Be Healthy]
Need to relieve some tension and stiffness in your neck, shoulders, and upper back? Join this session from your desk or comfortable work place. You will learn practical strategies and movements to decompress the tension that builds from sitting and stressing. We will practice simple neck and arm movements paired with breath control. These practices will fire up the messages between body and brain to produce chemicals that work to combat stress. You can keep your camera and microphone off.

New Member and/or First Time MASSP Conference Attendee Meet Up
[Jennifer Bustard/Mona Shores HS, Andy Kowalczyk/Bay City Central HS & Nina Davis/L'Anse Creuse MS-East]
If this is your first MASSP conference, please join our past, present, and future president to help make your experience significant. This is a great time to ask questions about the virtual event and hear what you can expect to acquire from a MASSP conference.  Learn about the benefits of attending an MASSP event and how it can help shape your professional growth year after year. This is a great session to connect and share with other first time attendees.

End of Day Relaxation
[Brandy Bugni, Yoga to Be Healthy]
Would you like to get more sleep so that you can function better the next day? Join this session from a yoga mat or blanket and wear comfortable clothes. You will learn some gentle stretches and movements to relax your body and calm your mind in preparation for a good night’s sleep. This is a routine that you could even do in bed! You can keep your camera and microphone off.

Principal Connect
[MASSP Board Members]
In these breakout sessions, administrators and educators will be placed into specific groups allowing participants to collaborate and share ideas surrounding “hot topics” that you are all facing.  Conversations will be used to generate ideas, share resources and problem solve all while expanding your professional network with peers.

Morning Head to Toe Stretch
[Brandy Bugni, Yoga to Be Healthy]
Looking for a way to start your day with a routine for optimal function all day long? Join this session on your yoga mat with comfortable clothes (pajamas will do). We will work through a simple series that connects breathing and body movement. Getting the body and mind to work together on the mat will help your brain function more fully when you face critical challenges in the day. You can keep your camera microphone off.

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