Reopening of Schools Toolkit

MASSP has created a toolkit featuring important resources related to the Governor's Return to School Roadmap for the 2020-21 school year.  Please click on the available toolkit items to learn more.

MI Safe Schools Preparedness Plan: A “How To”
These resources walk districts through the process of writing and reviewing their own individual preparedness plan.

Safe Schools Roadmap Resources
Below are additional items related to the Reopening of Schools

Planning for Remote Learning Principal Checklist
MASSP’s Remote Learning Principal Checklist provides project management considerations, tasks and resources that might support, supplement, and/or supplant pandemic learning practices, as schools transition to higher quality remote and blended learning for the 2020-21 school year. 

Surveys of Remote Learning Experiences to Plan Forward
Before Planning forward we first need to look in the rear-view mirror and conduct an “autopsy” of our pandemic learning experiences to determine what worked and what didn’t.  Data from students, parents/families and staff should be triangulated for this autopsy.  The following surveys are currently available to gather this information:

Re-Opening Considerations Compilation
As various other entities released plans for reopening, MASSP made note of the topics being considered and created a master list of all the topics that potentially need to be addressed as schools look to reopen.

Additional Resources
Here are additional resources that have been curated from multiple organizations and sources: