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Attached is the outline from John Petitto's H.E.A.R.T. presentation. Humor Energy Attitude Resourcefulness Theme
Attached is a presentation and supplemental handout about ACT testing by Michelle Imbrunone, Assistant Principal of Avondale High School.
MCL 380.1246 mandates that a school district, public school academy (PSA) or intermediate school district (ISD) shall not continue to employ a person as a superintendent, principal, assistant principal, or other person whose primary responsibility…
Attached is a Guidance on School Improvement Grants for Elementary and Secondary Education from the Department of Education. Included is information about replacing, removing a principal or school staff.
The attached PowerPoint is a collaboration created for the Women in Leadership Conference 2010 for Transforming Professional Learning into Student Results with Handouts. One handout is a summer fun bingo game.
Attached is a Revised School Code from the Act of 1976 of Section 380.1531i.
Attached is the Ethics for School Administrators from the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
Attached is the 2010 Assessment Schedule Example for MEAP Testing. Schools must administer subjects on dates specified. Schools are NOT authorized to deviate from this schedule unless prior written approval is obtained from the Office of Educational…
Attached is an outline from Michelle Imbrunone's presentation, an article about how driving rules relate to being an administrator, and an article to becoming a good leader.
Attached is two documents with a checklist of dates for accommodation and standard time testing.
Attached is the presentation handout from Linda Forward's presentation about Accreditation and School Improvement for Administrators.
Starting a new job is inherently confusing, say Mr. Jentz and Mr. Murphy. Using an Entry Plan can transform that confusion into a resource for better decision making by enabling three kinds of timely learning: learning about your new workplace,…