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 "A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has some great answers for your questions." – Unknown

We have all had that special person in our life who helped to guide and shape us into our best self. They were there to listen, advise and motivate. Now, you can be that person! The Teacher’s Mentoring Through Coaching Institute focuses on the role of an instructional coach and/or mentor in developing the expertise of educators at all stages of their careers. Institute participants learn the necessary skills to be a mentor coach – including how to navigate the nuances of adult learners – which they then use to help other teachers improve their abilities, build capacity and meet their goals through coaching, consulting and collaborating.

Day 1

  • Pillars of mentoring, developmental curve, understanding the framework for change
  • Four mentoring stances and raising consciousness
  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Questioning and reframing
  • Data-based mentoring assessment, elements of mentoring and mentoring cycles

Day 2

  • Four-step mentoring process followed by patterns of listening
  • Reframing statement’s and scenario practice
  • Standards-based mentoring
  • Roles, rituals, people
  • Self-reflection and goal setting

Follow Up Session

  • Reconnecting on the impact of coaching on learning 
  • Strengths-based feedback
  • Knowing the “players” and yourself
  • Prioritizing next steps and new beginnings

NOW BOOKING! - Regional and in-district training available! 

Steve Seward, Program Director
(517) 327-5315