Here is an overview of all of the new features and functionality of our redesigned website.  Looking for specific topics? Check out more tutorials in the following sections below.  

Logging In

In order to access the entire MASSP website as part of your benefits, members must first log in.  

Logging In

Discover News Articles

Looking for the latest and greatest news articles?  See how to find our Headlines, Legislative, and LegalEase news items.


New & Improved Search

Our search function will help you find the right resource on your first try.


Register for an Event

Registering for events and training is as easy as 1, 2, 3...just add the event to your shopping cart, type in your payment info, and be sent an invoice.

Event Registration

Purchase a Membership

No need to call in your credit card numbers to renew your membership.  Check out the different options and renew online!


Reviewing Programs

So many great programs and training opportunities are available through MASSP.  Check them all out online for more information.


Locating Resources

Premier resources are available in our new Principal's Toolbox section, as well as TechBytes, podcasts, and model student handbook.


Network with the Forums

Connect with other MASSP members across the state by using our new, secure forums or look people up in the Directory Search.


Resetting Your Password

Resetting your password is easy.  Just make the request, click on the link that gets emailed to you, and type in the new password.

Password Reset